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A member of the NFL and college football halls of fame and of course he played thirteen seasons in the NFL. All with the giants science winning Super Bowl in nineteen eighty six as a member of the giants and he was selected to nine pro bowls and was named to the all. NFL team seven times and he wants wants made an amazing twenty five tackles at a Monday night. Football game against the Green Bay packers but what caught. My attention is the fact that he was on a recent panel. Discussion Russian on football concussions at Duke Law School and he said he would not let his eight year old grandson. Play football saying with the brain. You've got only one. I am not willing to risk the future of my grandson plain and simple. The sport brought him fame and he called. Winning Super Bowls are Super Bowl. One of the greatest moments in his life but he he also said if I had to do it all over again. No I wouldn't do it all over again. What brought you to that conclusion Harry a lot of reflection I'm a little older now I sort of look back on my life. I look back on the things that I've got and So you know I I I can honestly say even though I played football I never really considered myself of football player. I always considered myself guys. Who just happened to play football and found some built differently than most of the other guys who played with and again You know all of those guys really loved playing the game. I and one of one of my Things was I just love the guy who I played with and they were the ones who inspire me. You know game after game practice after practice and so I I would like to think that even though I may have some regrets about playing the game I think that you know knowing what I know. Now I probably would have been something differently by known the risk of traumatic brain injury way back when I played You know I knew I could hurt. I I tackle and on I might get my have to get my knee replaced and all of that stuff but when it comes to traumatic brain injury as a result concussions and nobody's sort of drilled me on that when I was Starting to play a game so I didn't know oftentimes you you see players do things and and They kill themselves or you know they. They they fall into some kind of situation and often on the fans really can't understand nor do they have any sympathy for four players. Who have played and we're dealing with issues that they might not even be overly Aware of so. You Know I. I've been around this concussion issue long before it became Hot Button topic and I. I've seen a lot so When I talk about Doing other things. I'm just sort of built differently than most other guys. In all north I will down the same thing. Yeah you're the perfect person to ask this because you now have the perspective at the age that you are now but take me back when you're twenty twenty two twenty three twenty four a player that young playing the game a game that they've been brought up with what is their perspective at that time about the possibilities Leeza injuries and debilitating injury. You know big step on the football coach. I realized that I was I. I could possibly get hurt. You Know L. Physically Yeah I saw God getting carried off the field and you know whether at the knee ankle or whatever. I knew that could happen. I even knew about you. Know possibly being paralyzed. You know having played the game but I assume that and I like in terms of the issue of traumatic brain injury. I didn't know that and so laid back. Then there was absolutely no information out there here to concussions than in the effect of concussions and so yeah most players who play we all say knowing that you know we could You know get can cost them really well part of the game. I mean Amtrak. Dot Ammonia capsules were a regular people on the phone line. So that you're wrong or if you stop star or whatever Yeah that's a concussion. And we sort of learn how to play through it and like I said earlier the reason why I played a lot of so gung ho about saying as take the team concept and and that was really about playing guys who are on a mission and and sort of gravitated to me as their later and and I enjoy playing that role of cap them you know whether it be in highschool whether it be college whether it be In mm professional football I I enjoyed on you know being there. You mentioned that I am not willing to risk the future. My grandson plain and simple and I think you know as well in our society especially when kids start participating in something like football a very young age. I think that the parents get trapped by society and expectations dictation that go along well. Let's have my grandson my son you know. Play this game that I loved so they must love as well. What advice would you give to parents and grandparents the parents having to deal with that challenge in explaining to a kid who may be getting social pressure from other kids? But I think that there's so much wrong there's if some much more information out there now in regards to traumatic brain injury and concussion the sports related I think every parent it should be fully informed as to what they're signing up for because you can't comeback with all the information out there now you can't come back you know ten. I'm twenty nine. Th I didn't know because if nation is there yeah there's a lot of pressure that Parents are going to feel because everybody wants their their local team to play. Well I mean but the young people who are playing now they see what's happening in the the NFL and college and so forth and many young people who are playing you know they want the same thing they wanNA scholarship. They wanted to go to college. They the war eventually transferred. Turn this into the NFL. But frankly for for me. And I just sort of say just for me. I know what it's all about. I've been there. I got my college degree we could have done so many other things have been college degree but instead I played in the national football and I'm not saying that parents should not ah allow their kids to play. I just think that they should be fully informed as to what they're signing your kids because You know you. You don't know what might happen down the road months day sustain. The damage is done around guys could play and never even played. NFL and they're having neurological issues. They never even made it to college. They played high school ball. You know now when they're in their twenties they're dealing with neurological disorders and You know I I just think that the issue traumatic brain injury and concussions. One that we're always scratching the surface of the problems that many young people who and I'm not just talking football I'm talking. Yeah all the contact sports even talking. You know cheerleaders who sustained some kind of traumatic brain injury. Because I I thought it run run into so many different people on dealing with issues. Let me ask you also. We only have ninety seconds left. But do you think there's anything that can be done to make a collision. It's more like football safer. I think anything that can be done is to not play the game. Because if you're GONNA play the risk is always going to be there. I don't care what kind of helmet you wear. If you're out there then had been running around even unintentional hits more. Aw Can timbering on some kind of trauma and so if that's the case months you sustain some kind go to your brain. You don't know how that's like that you down line so you know you can try to make the game of safety as you want. But you'll never gotta get away from the kids. Come playing contact sports in about forty five seconds. Do you see the day that possibly we will not be playing football. No I think football will always be there. I think you'll always have on an individual willing to pay the price in and risk his neurological. Ah Health so I think the game will always be there It's just a baby. A lot of other individuals who are rolling out there and and perhaps played a game to make things better for their families and so forth area. I want to thank you very much for your time. Your insights and how articulate you are about Out The game and about how you feel about the game and of course. That story did catch my attention when you said. I'm not willing to risk the future of my grandson plain and simple..

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