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The sunset lodge apartments they're located about eight miles from the site of the boatlanding on the santee river where the police had tracked britney cell phone signal to write detectives revealed to the media that moody a registered registered level three sex offender he was in myrtle beach in the area the same weekend britney disappeared we know that the day after yeah because well he he was issued a speeding ticket at surf side beach on april twenty six moody served twenty one years in prison this is after he abducted a girl from a california playground and sexually assaulted her in nineteen eighty three his other convictions include three counts of rape with force and violence to counts of lewd behavior on a child under the age of fourteen this is according to a south carolina state sex offender database website now after his release for these charges from the california state prison in two thousand and four moody relocated to georgetown south carolina this is where his parents lived he worked as a cabinet maker detectives said that they are investigating possible connection between britney's case in crystal souls souls twenty eight was last seen january twenty four two thousand five in andrews south carolina and is believed to have been abducted as she walked home after dark despite naming moody publicly police have never been able to pin anything concrete on him for as as far as i find for either of the disappearances of these two girls now the the investigation is going to ramp up here and this is going to be starting in april of two thousand and twelve by this point brittany's been missing for three years her stepfather chad drexel announced his plans that he was going to be working with the private group and this was so that they he's hiring people to participate in this investigation to help find his daughter and two thousand thirteen dawn drexel moved permanently to myrtle beach to be closer to brittany's last known location she wanted to make sure that the case did not grow cold and while nothing happened publicly for quite a while on this case things were beginning to take shape behind the scenes on june eight two thousand sixteen a special agent in charge of the f b i in south carolina held a news conference this took place in mclellan's ville around the area where britney's phone gave its last finals it was attended by britney's family and friends now it is not initially clear when or why the fbi became involved in britney's case but from the news conference it became apparent that the f b i had taken over the case and there were updates of there was evidence that brittany was kidnapped and this would fall under the fbi's jurisdiction what the f b i had to say at this news conference was the following quote what we've come to discover through the course of this investigation is that britney drexel did leave the myrtle beach area we believe she traveled to this area around mcclellan ville and we believe she was killed after that the fbi agent went on to say that although they had not found britney's body investigators had a exhaustive evidence that she was held against her will for days before she was killed they ended the news conference with an appeal to the people of mcclellan ville please come forward this is a very small town i think three thousand people yeah there are people who know what happened and one small piece of information could close the case so going off of the information gleaned from this news conference how did investigators know that brittany was in fact dead and that she had been held against her will in mcclellan ville so let's try to piece this together from what the investigation uncovered behind the scenes so in two thousand sixteen a prison inmate wrote a letter to prison officials saying he knew what had happened to britney drexel he named names specifically someone named timothy desha n taylor now does that name sound vaguely familiar timothy who actually goes by his middle name to sean is the son of sean taylor the man identity fide in a lineup by rhonda massey the woman who was they had attempted ab duck shen against her myrtle beach in two thousand and ten so the same sean taylor who has a long ramp she and an extended family suspected a violent crimes specifically against women timothy to sean taylor lived in mcclellan ville and was sixteen when britney drexel went missing and apparently this was not.

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