Tom Brady, Daniel Cormie, Brock Leser discussed on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show


I mean if then. Then decided, you know, hey, you know, what I was really inspired by the Super Bowl. And you know, I'm gonna pull Tom Brady. I'm gonna I'm gonna play until I'm forty five. Well, he's gonna have to meet steep milch. And that's that's going to happen. But that's not the reality. The reality is he's ready. He sees the exit door. He's ready to walk out the door, and he wants to, you know, lug a big bag of money as he walks out that door, and that's not going to follow them out the door after a CPA fight. And and plus, you know, I gotta say Brock Leser fight is gonna earn more money. And it's a lot easier fight than than going in there with sleep which is again, see I like what sea-based doing I like that. He's being aggressive, and he's trying to get this fight. There are two things that I don't like about what he's doing number one. Daniel Cormie didn't like this fight. This wasn't a charity fight for you the original fight back into lie. This was the best fight that you can have at the time. You beat Fransen gun. There are no other great contenders out there. He didn't do you favor. You didn't do him favor. Like, it was the best for both of you. There was no one for DC to fight. It was an ultimate fighter coaches thing. International fight week main event like you've see gave those two guys and that flight every opportunity to succeed. Right. So this idea that like, oh, I did you favor. Now do me a favor to me is a little bit of a stretch. I don't buy that. But here's the more important point in my opinion. I believe that his message steepest message is being sent to the wrong party. The message should really be sent to the you have see the message should be. Why aren't you giving me a rematch? Right. Because I think that if the c called up Korean said, we want you to fight St. bay. I actually believe that. He would do it. I believe that he's the ultimate company, man. I believe that. The you have C doesn't want to give steeper the rematch because let's be honest. They didn't see eye to eye when he was champion. They didn't feel like he was a team player. They didn't feel like he was marketable. Remember that scene or Dana white was going to give him the belt wrap it around his waist after he beat and guy new steep took it from him gave it to his coach..

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