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The move comes through after a after a recommendation by the commission that investigated the Partridge shooting that. Left seventeen people dead. It's done Madonna's high school in February the bucket nears finished another dismal season when they face another disappointed team in the falcons today. The bucks have dropped three in a row to fall to five and ten on the year. They have just one winning season in the last eight years pundits expect the bucks to fire coach Dirk cutter after the game bucks quarterback. Jameis Winston himself. A question Mark for next year says the players try to forget about all that the only failed to this game is we don't want to lose. I want to in with the win. I think they want in the with the wind. They being Atlanta at six nine has already guaranteed its first losing season since two thousand fourteen the Tampa Bay Lightning beat Montreal six to five last night. Adam Ernie's scored both again tying and game winning goals in the third period to erase a five four deficit for the bolts. They've won sixteen of their last eighteen games. They play in Anaheim tomorrow night at eight you can hear that game here on NewsRadio nine seventy WFL A. And by the way, she mentioned the bucks game. You can hear on. Our sister station. Ninety eight rockets starts in one hour from now it is twelve oh four weather's next on NewsRadio nine seventy WFL of our series on companies to watch in the year ahead. We look at Nike. They were very dependent for a while on deals with places like footlocker, you know, that was really a primary outlet. But now, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek editor Dmitry cassini's, the company has been building a stronger connection between its ecommerce and physical retail presence Nike is investing heavily in social media digital and in its own retail experiences. Believe in something.

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