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Doctor. Dan Crowd work. I don't remember a whole lot else from this just happened and actually said that Dr Dan Gidon didn't get more toilet paper that I'll take partially. I probably should went on bought some when I went out to target it but we did get some. I don't think we got enough. I I was expecting what what we were supposed to get at the last Akron show 'cause I think I bought twenty dollars worth if there was a lot of toilet paper and it would have been a nice you know just like cascade. just shower toilet paper and we we didn't get that so i even got a video of it but i didn't post it because i just i'm like <hes> did not come out as good as i wanted i'm completely into dr dan weapon that stuff back out into the crowd aw that's that's -pletely into that that's one part of this different side of dr damas little bit little bit more angrier side and he shouldn't like i think later on with the pamphlet i think i got added a pitcher video just him just going nuts briefly about you dozen <hes> i feel like the disrespect for dr dan is getting a bit out of hand i also believe in a chart doc boy is definitely not the same shark boy that was in the exhibition in t._n._a. anything timeless kind of caught up with him he's not the same shape he was he does a lot more comedy nobody spots than he did when he was actually like in the x division in doing some of a little more high flying stuff <hes> the crowd really seemed like him which is good he still has the crowd on just star i i feel like gilbert would have been far more of a draw against doctor dan than sharp way would you could feel ownerless sale was bored out of my mind from naturally rick did but you could definitely tell it was it wasn't what they wanted to have in that spot and i think just because of that it didn't work quite as well as you would hope it would i mean at the end of at the end of the match factor day wins it but we still get the the british sharp voiced on her crime goes home happy chuck way to get there till five thirty so god only knows how much time those guys even had to try to put something together before being what third on the card so so you know probably wasn't a great situation for dr dan there <hes> you know anyway you go out and i love dr dan he's absolutely one of my favorites so let's let's get into this next match and <hes> as was the last match where he went intermission for was it just me or the first half kind of short i felt like it went pretty quick so i think you know for i think it was only four matches yes or matches yeah so all right we started this off with jock samson manse warner and the duke versus p._b. smooth and horn swab i think what this announcing hashtag duke money so we were thinking jock and manse verses uses twins both a. p. m. e. p. m. e. p. b. and horns waddell nope turns out it's going to be a three two so the duke was added and huntsville he wanted to even things up he took the joke mariah out of mouth where he mentioned how you know it's unfair it was three onto or maybe one and a half on three <hes> which was kind of my thought p brought someone out who i think he did say she has has issues also with with the duke wasn't sure what to expect here we've already seen thorn cowboy bob orton cowboy bob orton was added to the match so then the match turn into man's jock and the duke versus p._b. smooth horns waddell and bob orton that really quick get to the finish forget the whole match p._b. horns waddell and orton the one by pimm fox <hes> this this this was cool i actually thought it was going to go along the lines of cowboy bob orton he'll turn like turns out he was he was in the duke's back pocket all along but no it was a face borton whole time would you just think about the addition of bob orton and the match start with rick loved it <hes> very happy to to see the cowboy in the ring i think he really enjoyed it i think he got kicked out of <hes> being asked to do it and the crowd the finish of the match the smuggle hitting manse with the arcadio got than i think i put this up on twitter just a giant pop i i was kind of astounded taken aback almost at the level of pop that got from the crowd <hes> there's a great great photo and i and i can't remember who took it but i know it's it's a hat you can at you can call me ron on twitter youtube his guy in m i don't remember the relation the photo of man's taking the arcadio from from or the diamond cutter also old gas from swaddled with alibaba just standing in the background you know that little nod to to randy orton and and <hes> i you know i don't know how many people in the crowd even got that connection it was kind of a kind of an odd thing but man the all i remember about this match is that finishing just how great that pop was so <hes> mister alberto you can take it from there i think the photographer's name was was it todd todd hawkins smith yeah i'm sure i'm sure packing to help us out with that once it's just like as you said that i kinda opened up instagram and there was a picture of dan house and from the show and i think it was from vat wrestler because it wasn't any of the fan photographers that i know it wasn't wayne in might be this dude a pill let us know our i we're gonna ask them right now but <hes> doesn't take over <hes> first and foremost i'd like to say you said as will like to call the diamond as us wrestling purist who know purely award truly is we know that it was created by the great johnny ace we actually call it the ace crusher but that's superhero were there too big things about this match that you guys may or may not know <hes> that's actually the second thing the first thing i'll say is i think that the ending would have been a lot funnier if swath a one for the cutter on manse warner like manslaughter like stood up to take it and like swaddled couldn't jump up again it and unlike peavy like picked him up mandated the cutter at the would have been kinda funny that's just a personal thing on my side of the field it has may not know smuggle said that they had another partner who has an issue with the duke and it was cowboy bob orton what you might not know is the issue that bob were actually has the do you know what it this now the duke folk broke bob morton's arm and that is part of the reason why they gets on there he broke it one of those times can stay on fact it's big day eh it's been confirmed yes the photographer's name is todd it is the the guy that i mentioned real sad so everybody knows now it's tat this match was a lot of fun bob morton went in there just hist when he he did way more than i expect a guy as old as bob morton to like as old as he is to do he did fantastic match had a great spots in it good comedy spots good wrestling spots it was it was a very very good match it was probably the best match of the first half of the car i could give it that i can give that that match was in the tokyo dome that's a five star i think as the whole the the first half really wasn't bad may be the whole shark boy matches wasn't as like i don't remember as much from it either but i still felt it was it was entertaining but yeah i think the other part of it too is as i'm sure talk about the second half of the show was just outstanding new stellar and i think that that kind of plagues the first half of the show because not that it was like a forgettable first-half but the second half was just so good read that kind of overshadowed anything else possibly happen before it so this led us into intermission so that leads us to our emission and we'll be right back right after these commercials <music> you wake up every morning get yourself out of bed and look in the mirror and realize that you don't recognize the person looking back you don't feel as holes you shut do you feel about half them getting your car and go about your daily activities and you think about all the opportunities that you missed opportunities didn't take doors you left close instead of you you think about all the things that you could have done and the things that you chose to do instead that's where i commit my name is dr daniel c rockingham and i am not only motivational speaker but i am a personal development coach and my three principal system has changed the lives of countless people all over the world i invite all of you to stay with me today and listen as i help view change your lives and give all of you a new beginning i'm glad to see that no one has left but now you're asking yourself dr dan are you going to tell us what the u._c._r. system is i will tell you now three simple principles at change everyone's lives dedication confidence in respect d. c. r. you're if one is dedicated to themselves confident in oneself and respectful of oneself there is nothing that they cannot accomplish those three principles are the building blocks of anything anything you wish to achieve if you just remember d. c. r. there's nothing a you cannot accomplish but sometimes you feel that isn't enough sometimes you need to be a little more focused on the task at hand but don't worry to go along with dedication confidence and respect you can always remember rule.

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