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Well you know. I thought about it but i'm not doing that. This all right sir. I appreciate it. Buster always good to talk to you buddy bleacher tweets all righty buster bleacher tweets for a thursday. We've got indra campbell. Real camp drew writes in. Hey buster which would be a bigger story line at the end of the season so a pair of hypotheticals. The mariners go into their first playoff game in twenty years. A game that a young andrew campbell actually attended when he was six or the yankees missing the playoffs. It would be the yankees missing the playoffs. Damning the mariners Look until they have some Sustained success this year is going to be europe progress for them. It's a little bit like a tree falling in a forest right. We're on the other hand the yankees. Would you agree with me. And again it's been an important year for the mariners moving forward but they're not really sort of in the mainstream conversation this point. The yankees on the other hand went into the years the favorites to win the american league so for them to miss the playoffs. That would be bigger story. I agree with you Jay at random nine nine zero nine jay rates in on the last part you said whoever plays the blue jays in the wildcard game the rays will be rooting for or would they j throws out. The rays are nine and six against the blue jays. The raise our won six against the mariners. And it's not out of the question. At the mariners would play the blue jays in the mariners are four. And two against the jays loved the conference from mariners. Fan this mariners. Podcast after all buster. Yeah that's true i- any should be a blue jays. Podcast bluejays a really hot right now. They may be the best team in the american league right now. In so whatever happened before tampa bay against iran or early in the season. That doesn't matter right now. The toronto blue jays team. Nobody wants to play for those records out the window..

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