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What's going on. Why are you guys standing here. The ship has been taken over by maga- pirates they forced the captain and the crew into lifeboats. And they're on their way up here right. Now tell adam. You didn't tell me that you said the students open. I knew it didn't say that. I did not say that. The ship doesn't steer itself. We're going in circles. We might even run over the captain and crew. No i'm fine you ship. I think tony. And i can see the ship and we we watch below deck but that piece of shit reality show that he looks. Don't say that that look look. I can hear the mega pirates just outside the door porn. One you go out there and try to talk to them. Use your comedy. Laurel laura ingalls wilder said. A good laugh overcomes more difficulties dissipates. More dark clouds any other. One thing i'm supposed to go to stand up to mega pirates because half pint from little house on the prairie said that no. I think it was the older girl who wrote the box. It was the younger girl. I've written a couple of books that my remark incoming than they have differences. You go out there and find the laughs in the common ground. Used to believe that. But after what's happened in the last nine months hell the last four years. I don't know if i believe that anymore. Okay i think you do and if it goes well. I think i could turn it into thing. Where to get you more bookings it was half pint. You googled it. Didn't you turney. i need you at the helm. All right don't go. Hi it's just me all right. I'm gonna try to call for help on his ship the shoreline bonnie bonnie can. Can you come read the directions. Listen if you are shot. The sheriff's that are going to want us to watch syrups bonnie bonnie. Can you come help now. Wait i just gotta go out during tower one more thing. You're doing great time. More crowd for your spontaneity the cloud with okay this guy right here with the fucking gun dammit. Bonnie oh thank god. It was just a dream. This has been tony's dream cruise during bounce. Don't bonnie burns tony tonio. Ken lozanic land romo and yours. Truly adam felber. That was something. That's powerful powerful rendition. Absolutely and it's only at a poundstone players production that you get to hear us being both the players and the audience. We love us. Our reviews are in here. Just one blake says we know years we have to entertain ourselves. And i think we've really done that. Yeah i you know what. I'll tell you something. This is just a feeling that i have about. How twenty twenty twenty one is going to hate to use round the corner. Trump said it so many times in his bullshit thing about the virus put. I really feel that. If sean penn gets his hands on this it's going to be a hugh. It's going to sweep the nation and parts of canada. It's going to bring. It's going to bring theaters back. Oh it is gonna bring theater. Oh my god. Can you imagine bette midler as tony side of the road. Kind of the rose. He was born to play. She went loved that. Oh my gosh oh wait a minute and share as body burns show. You know streisand would be me. What's the matter with you. i'm barbara streisand. I feel like barbra. Streisand can do pretty good me. You don't think i could do share. Oh you know. What maybe amy klobuchar. We'll get bored of politics and will want to do this. Play or a little something on the side you know. Maybe she'll still be a senator but you'll want to get into acting as well. She might that tonight..

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