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And I know a lot of grassroots organizations. That are doing great workout here. So you're not only helping to sustain us. You're helping to sustain other other people in our community because I put my money. Where my mouth is that? Just Kinda Bitch I am community is so thank thank you. I really really appreciate you and if you have not become a patriot. Why have you not you can donate as low as a dollar a month? It doesn't matter anything helps. Please don't have to play Sir McLaughlin and show you puppies. What do I have to do to resort? What people what do to get you to give him money all right anyway thank you and the Patriots and pay them back to the show? So the Y'all why go on Youtube right thirteen I'm a Youtuber I kind of fell the whack now but you know for a long time. I was and one of the girls who have I have been following for years. Her name is Nikki tutorials. Auriol's she her. Makeup channel is really really popular. She's just been Dora thanks. She's Dutch and are really just like I thought she was be. She does make up and she just wanted them popular youtubers that does make an so absurdly she had twelve me scrapper. Twelve million million twelve million subscribers thirteen million followers whatever. It is where now how somebody tried to blackmail her. That she is trance dance but his whole time people have not known apparently that she was trans. And somebody said what girl if we're GONNA use them coins we're going to. We're going to expose you if you don't do what we want you to do. We know you don't want this data come out and so today. She has actually did a video coming out as transgender. And saying I'm just GONNA take my power back and I'm just GonNa put it out there. I'm trans bottle of blotchy. The explained her whole story. She explained her grown up and getting her hormones when she was thirteen fourteen years old and then once she hit nineteen she got her gender reassignment surgery. And and you know she said since. I've been on Youtube job. SEAMY grow up into to what I am now and I just haven't talked about it. He just that's the part of my life that I would lose. Didn't really want to talk about. And then she brought up she's like I know that you're going to bring up Like my boyfriend. 'cause she had had her boyfriend on her instagram or videos and Blah Blah Blah Blah. So she was like He. We didn't know initially but I did end up telling them eventually and so she just start talking about stuff like then just be honest with people and then she goes into how supportive her parents are in just. Has this amazingly beautiful coming out video. It was super super super amazing. So I've asked that blown-up today I've seen it when we pug when you posted it on marshes marshes play and I looked at the coming video and it was really really touching it was it was interesting how she was trying to make it. Imperative to our viewers that you know just because I'm coming out his chance. I'm still the same person at the chain about me so you don't have to change your views about me so so do you agree with that Were were her like her commentary. As far as trying to win the audience over that statement not Doing it but that statement. Do you feel like once you come out as trans. You're not that you. I know you're the same person but there's a difference between a person be open about being trans and then being assumed to be as this person and then style yeah. Is it your me assuming that your person and you not yet. You're the same exact price of the year. You a trans person under compunction but I'll but you're not if I thought of you as a says. Hey same thing not that I. I'm saying that that give you license access to treat somebody different. But how I think if I'm watching your video how I think about you as a person how I think about you as a trans person as a transportation myself is going to be different. You're gonNA feel more connect. I'm looking at Jackie. Check this this girl right and so well. There's a difference between me watching her and me watching gee-gee gorgeous different and black it's just like you're A different connection just a different connection right. I think that's different. Yeah I think so too I think it would either. I think it would change the way her. Our audience views her. Unfortunately but that's just the way early. Negatively depends on the view like of how that person views trans and like versus like. I think that's the main thing but I think that's what she was trying to get over to the audience. Like like you know okay. Yes I am a trans person but I don't want you to view me any differently as far as like. This isn't something that is a negative impact is is a positive Actually this has been about makeup and he doesn't really like literally what my gender identity is has really nothing they do with the power of makeup and the power of my skill is a makeup artist. Doc there's tons of James Charles and All kinds of charge genders gender. Make up right now so let me ask you this. How can I say this.

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