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Karen maguire officially presented today as the latest addition to the manchester united squad son contrat along side. Are they going to social status. I on cicis was made official. He's he's upset about that. They needed you know somebody who's gonna lead that late. Somebody's going to be vocal. Somebody who can actually play you cannot do that. He's not million but the fact is. He mixed them so much better defensively. It has to be one of the most expensive defender of all time and listen. It's just what the golden as you know. Certainly i wouldn't say he's the best defended of all time next to the golden age eighty million and monchy aided the needed bodily and it's a premium premium. They have to pay yes because of the situation meanwhile yesterday of course we saw the community shield stevie went ahead breakdown liverpool's defeat on penalties to taste. Why not i'll tell you why i'm lost because because the result in this game for me is not what of what you know when you're going through preseason as a player or coach you the idea was to stop slowly and make sure by the time you <unk> game that you ready yes and it's not always straightforward and it hasn't been for liverpool because in some games who've been questioning but this game against city absolutely other percents tells me that the ready to go the way they particularly in the second half played the way that we know livable because the ball didn't let position put them under severe pressure. That's the liverpool that we saw last year and to be able to see that seven days before the season starts is grit for a little fun but for your club. I'm sure he's well pleased to see that. The one negative you did mention to me was once again the goal coming from the far side from apple's perspective with alexander on. I think i think if you look at the goals of liverpool loser comes down that shade and the husky questions over the not just the partnership that i think it will be stocked with which will be mighty and alexander ronald. It's job because i need my. I need my sent back to tell me when i'm full but i need to push me around a little and so help me with my physician because alexander ronald she'll she'll. I'm not so sure that mighty can do and i think that's why sometimes alexander arnold donald gets positioned defensively liverpool legend slams alexander says he asked to be up to learn that we'll be talking about. We're gonna later on as always you can check extra time which is available on youtube.

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