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But anyway yeah so this movie was in the works for a while loss of director once before funding a new director jason momoa oddly enough has been signed on to play this yeah i don't know how he ended up there after this last record left he was just like fucking i'm doing no i don't want my name and texas stank yup he's like i'm done with this shit so okay jason momoa would not be my choice do the crow to be honest jason momoa would be my choice to play anything but i i'm just as momoa hater i know i know i know you love them as your bail pretty much yeah yeah he's my christian bill there you go i don't think he's a good actor not that he doesn't have screen presence because goes i think he's panamanian you know sure he looks like he could be movie star i just don't think he has the range to play okay maybe he should just living heroes and colleague good year in shit conan and all that bullshit could you see jason momoa crying in a movie light netted genuine like somber now i don't mean looking into the sky screaming with your wife dead body no like that not that kind of cry but you know like emotional thing because in the original crow movie brandon lee had to go through a lot of different motions in the beginning when he gets brought back from the dead because basically for those of you who don't know i should have explained this at the beginning the how the crow story goes is there's a rock singer and his girlfriend who were about to get married knowing that just got married on halloween and it was a honeymoon and gangs were trying to get them victim from this apartment so they could use it for whatever the fuck i don't know what i've never remembered what the building why they i don't remember either anyway they come in they won't move out they've been like bullying them for a while trying to intimidate them to get to me finally they break in and they ended up drugging him his girlfriend they rape her and then they kill him and her.

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