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This show from the end of that Tennessee game. Yeah. I mean our backs are our backs are against the wall. And they're still against the wall. Just the fact that shows the character of this team of us just of a swinging and fighting and coming out and the ups and downs in this game adversity success. The way we just played through it and stay together as a team and able to go down there make that game. When the Phil goarmy credit Brett missed one earlier in the game in the comeback shows. It shows the character right there just just within him. And then make their game winning field goal when when it mattered huge guest for what is that? Play like that. Yeah. That's huge. I mean a game as three two three pretty much fill. Go after Shogo going back and forth and defense does a good job lane comes up with a big interception. It's important huge for us to score right then and get another touchdown on. That's what we're able to do go down there. He did a good job of punching it. And so I mean that was that was crucial turnover right there. Stop by the defense and allowed us to take it to score league. Dallas gets the twenty nineteen wins. Zekiye elliott. Two hundred one yards. From scrimmage ran for one hundred twenty two seventy nine receiving yards fourth career game with two hundred yards from scrimmage. Cowboys. I think we came from. That's the difference. This offense. Firms book today, it seemed like they were putting off the blocks for you. How important was it for the way that they established the the block? Versus. Register. They look great. They do. Redskins lose today. Cowboys win a huge the division coming up on. How important is this? This one is important. I'll say it is more. Visit miscarriage first place. Last week. And now this win. Kind of. Thanksgiving day. Ezekiel Elliott with.

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