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Just say Robert blown away with. Debt that creativity may be the responsibility, but close attention in the local communities to play that fall in an. Absolutely, Rob The rapid reputation I think sometimes of these players that earn so much money and they have such A. Vote Out. This has been a really good. Kind of example that's come about because this is such a long break in this awful, a disease is going around to show what they're actually like and show their personalities in the characters, the characters rob about how they want to how when talked about earlier on Marcus Rashford what he's done Y- providing these thousands and thousands of meals for people that struggling. Remarkable and And these two clubs as well as of a lot in the local community to try to help and support them really really good. Football Austin breath is really going to be. Key for them, or they're going to be good enough to stay on and go a catch up game. Against Sheffield United on Wednesday will will be a was evacuated returns. Talk about the we always talk about the money. Just Rope Dean Smith to go to the League capron which. Many millions again. I've said before when I say again they now look ten Cook Final, Games to stay mislead. I think before the. It was a possibility. The now you've. got. We just lost four now. They just fall Nell to lasted. We won't pull full. I don't know if not my of Dean's Vincent Ghani, who brilliant fours Nellie question do we have to do some Aston Villa cannot afford go down I, mean I mean been in trump should so long ago the. Tongue game home games. On been the same so far. Newcastle West Ham away of fakes you? Almost that gotta let go away Windows Angle as well. An. Interesting in point rob. I shows in firing Dean Smith and they've lost the last four going into. It in desperate need for I mean the only reason for me. A foreign is if somebody the the? That little boost for the Lower End Games J.. J. T. you. Finish changed now think Kobe's James I. mean goes changed that so it's not that's not going to happen obviously now and. Why A very good point. Mcginn is back in them. Fill which makes them better wisely enforced injured, but when does matter new signing? It came in in January and yet one go so far for appearances, but he looks live. We run lively. Over the good is a good midfield. Is Football Club? No Question Ville have got good midfield present all about. That gradation, her hand and everybody else Mcginn back into team as well. They got a chance of staying up. They really do, but you look at that game. Chef united. It's almost a must win. Rob Must Win a first. Studio show next Wednesday. shifted onto the hub got Chelsea at home. Yeah, Newcastle will. Products West on, yeah, yeah, so. Yeah. Getting in that coming off oh can focused on the. Religious Cloves excited wha of the next year will. They stay. They stay in the League before the we talk about A. League side remains jot religion Joe mcgann off because not maybe necessarily WANNA go. Teams will see the quality today go in one week saying them just from the goal. Could Front of you got terminate news? Noel NYLAND's. Raina between the three. Cutting! Tom He would be a number. One man who was on love we, his face avenues of age. Bat Rug on. Overwhelmed with with with what Salal Mohamed debut on angles. Macho get lightning. Taylor's kind of steady. The tunnel means in as it comes concetta quite lawmaker. Company has been. Getting not so much A. While ago. Donald Klein Little Pouf also. Trashing up comes in twenty nine years of age. Yes, perfect bit a bit of. The left field. Christine Foods less than city squad play expedience Google Dag COMPLA- left play last sign of if it's. Good to have around the football Clo- I. Take Him with you with the year option. My Big Mama Big Playa. THAT WILL WANNA TAKE! China means noble as it comes. To Playa I want to Santa Barbara. But when lead cinnabar? If conceded fifty six goals it in the most I'M GONNA. Go to Burnley you don't. Become can do this, but I'm. GonNa go to James Talk Off St. Louis site to in. VAILAB MONEY! You can play a high profile club with timings you. With, England and YOU'LL GONNA lead Aston Villa open to the league and I think I can pull additional arguments said to James saw cost me that I'm. GonNa get an A. Bigham Becton plots home. He's twenty seven twenty eight years of age to play. Football will remain being loose quote boom. You know what is still is all about that's film. Is Quality over quantity. Yes, question, too. Many players came into that football club with an unproven yeah. Of Premier League. Show me, many primarily proven plas. Remember Fulham seasonably. Full of data similar thing very similar missiles tip them to be relegated seems crazy rob when you see all these plans big fees like. So, many new players I'm like it doesn't work. It doesn't work committed a little bit of where we brought all these players and a love and Warren good enough so us my theme for Villa, and by the way they don't want. Millions of science have been somebody. Sonny's with through the STUBHUB. unpicking to positions and picking quality and prove plaza can do it in the primarily, because that is what they badly badly of lacking that transfer business and need right now. A light your nathaniel climb. Tall Kofsky if you put him in means and Matt Target. Back Four told me in this good enough for the family and by the way. Dean Smith Palestine. These are tough times recently, he has take some responsibility while the balance the balance of the team because you know this is kind of been a little bit gung how we attack and they've looked good. And Save fifty I'll go, so that's part as well so let me let me give you some couple of players here now. This is Aston Villa. Maybe some of our listeners viewers. A maybe not aware. What big football cup they are now. Let's remember. They spent a lot of money in the summer, so there is money there, but I want quality, not quantity. Drinking position we up. said it a show about the start the season. That wasn't enough covering the center for. Is a problem. semester looks decent, but it's thirty days, so I'm going to try and spend money. And I'M GONNA have to get on the phone and persuade this player. That needs to come to Aston Villa because he's in a fatty comfortable situation. SAFE safe from relegation, but he's a proven goalscorer. Let's not too old Danny ings come to Aston Villa proven. Got Persuade him out sound sound legal. Well yeah because us. Is as much bigger club. Yeah, it's a much bigger tubman Southampton. Much fat in Southampton New the next to. Give us. We're assuming rubio that they stay up by the White House this football role that we have and I have to sell him out to the idea of it for him as a player. I think he's the perfect attitude he's. He's not too old is just a fake will be big. The fee will be big, but instead of buying all these different places from all over the planet. You don't know how they're going to set in the primary. A lot of money into dunning ings now. Other players in that role as well for my my one two three. Neo Mo- pay if Brian, go down now. Trying to get were very interested in Neil moped. Brantford any right so they. He's on the radar knows him. He will be excellent as well On my other player again. These players you might say to me rob. You Ain't going to get him, yeah..

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