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The corona virus ravaging Iran more than twenty seven hundred deaths the US offering to help with secretary of state Mike Pompeo says sadly the Islamic Republic Iran's regime the leadership has rejected those offers of humanitarian assistance from us here in America it's really unfortunate for the Iranian people secretary Pompeo says the US is trying to get as much data on the virus from all countries and the sharing what we know as well federal judges Monday temporarily blocking efforts by Texas Alabama and Ohio to ban abortion during the corona virus pandemic and billing Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers of victory clinics across the U. S. filing lawsuits to stop states from trying to shutter them during the outbreak in Minnesota an act of kindness in the midst of a pandemic the woman was driving a little too fast so a state trooper pulled a rover she turned out to be a cardiologists doctor so Roche Ashcroft Jeonju are not only do trooper Brian Schwartz let the overworked doctor off with just a warning he went back to his patrol car and brought out a fistful of in short supply in ninety five medical masks issued to him for his protection and gave them to her because he felt she needed them more Gary Baumgarten fox news president trump's bid to shield his tax records was to be argued before the Supreme Court today but it will not happen this is a pre recorded announced a little over two weeks ago that it is postponing the upcoming oral arguments due to the corona virus pandemic including three cases set to be argued today concerning president trump's bid to shield his financial records the court in a statement said the postponement of those cases and others because of the spread of the virus is out of an abundance of caution the court said it will examine the options for rescheduling in light of the developing circumstances as things stand the last argument day for this session of the Supreme Court is on April twenty ninth John decker fought fox news from the news radio one thousand Katie okay weather center and the four warn storm team cool breezy with widespread rain overnight and a low of forty nine partly cloudy and mild on Tuesday with a high of sixty four partly cloudy on Wednesday with a high in the mid sixties and then on Thursday partly cloudy with a high in the mid seventies we have a fifty percent chance of rain on Friday and a high in.

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