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The past. Another one that deserves a mention for me is Willie Muller's horse embassy gardens and not too sure if you kind of go or not, but if he does, he'd have a squeak in there. He was disappointed in the outer part of the previous to that. He had shown a decent level of foreign bodies organic, one of your sets, the standard, but it wouldn't be surprised if Salvatore Ziggy can improve our body showing so far as I said. He's had almost 6 weeks after his run at chat lema and good time Johnny has flanked the farm. So savitar Ziggy I think he'll be around about a 6 or 7 to one chance and he represents cool value each way if we can get the 8 runners, which I'm hopeful we might just do. Somebody is going ten to one. Okay, well that's a bit of a, you know, I didn't think it would be that big now. I didn't think you'd be that big. No, the thing is, is this a company that you're only going to get two quid on with and then you have to submit your DNA and blood in order to actually make the withdrawal. But if they will let you take that. Happy days. And I think that's a very, very interesting, particularly what Mark watch book for Gordon Elliott. A non JP horse. Mark Milligan, which way are you going? Yeah, I was with Salvador Ziggy as well. Because I'm not absolutely convinced gela wants to go this far, to be honest. He's a relatively speedy horse he seemed to cope with the step up to two mile 5 last time. Was he running at the finish like a horse who wants to go an extra couple of pounds? I'm not absolutely convinced. He's the best horse on form, but he's got a question to answer for me as regards the trip. Salvador Ziggy is a horse who's on an upward curve, run really well in that big runner field at Charlton last time. Mark Walsh taking over. I think there's plenty to like about this one. And that ten to one, if people can get on it, that would be very tempting particularly from an each way perspective. David Russell obviously had his glorious comeback at entry and it worked out a treat for him. Jordan gainford is also back at ponche town and hopefully he'll be in the great one winners list as well. I think he will be with favreau the north butchered that pronunciation apologies. To the earlier reason everybody involved with the horse. But I like him an awful lot. I liked him for the potato race. That race was a complete disaster. Disaster darling for me. The two horses that I had a shortlist of 5. They're all still running, including this velvet water Shandong. But that was too bad to be true. He'd been very good at Lincoln prior to that. We know that he stays. He jumps well. Over this distance, I'd be very keen on him at 6 to one, and I would agree with Mark that I'm not so sure this is what Kelly warrior wants, but hey, William Mullins has put them in there, but is he putting him in there? Because they're just playing musical chairs and fishing him in. He is Willie's only runner in the race, which is another intriguing element of it, but I will take him on. Stone gold cup. Grade one. This race should be Paul ten and blowing kisses to the crowd. Indulging in a nice bottle of moet as they are fighting at the finish for second. On less brave man's game turns up. In which case, things could get interesting. But and right now, Harry carbon is joked up on him. But Barry call, I haven't heard anything change. In the situation between John dance, and the administrators who have been brought in to oversee it as everything has been frozen. And they took out a court order to stop him running at entry. We surely that would then also extend to Ireland. So if he runs, that's terrific and great and he'll be he will add to the occasion for sure. I know Paul Nicholas has said that he hasn't been told he can't run him, but I don't understand how they were blocked from running at entry if they can run here. Yeah, well, Ireland's a great little country, isn't it? Well, a brown envelope would look I can confirm that he has been given the green light to run at conscious town and his owner brand vehicle for him to know is that he has been given clearance to go ahead and run. So that's coming from the horses noticed, and then he said he said he's been given the green light to go ahead and got up on the show. Obviously going to go our favorite 7 to two one brave man's game, the round of a 5 to one, you can have 8 envoy island and 20s by our purely

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