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Small business. I'm Gary Nunn about forty nine million thanksgiving, travelers are hitting the road more. We'll take the train four and a third million will fly. Jacksonville, florida. Why Jacksonville we have family? There is code here in Pittsburgh. We gotta get away. I'm Peter King at Orlando international airport roller bags or helping passengers move quickly show is electric check it and TSA pre check is helping it security with lines about a half hour or less. Most of the morning Rochelle Vanderberg is headed home to fund a lack Wisconsin. They the hardest part of it to get through that. We'll be good to go amid the holiday travel crush in chaos. New York City's Brooklyn Bridge has been closed this morning by a three vehicle crash and fire. One person is dead five people with minor injuries. While he was a candidate President Trump took political aim at his enemies wants to the White House. He apparently wanted to take at least two of them to court CBS's. Steven Portnoy, their second debate, Donald Trump told Hillary Clinton he'd have his attorney general investigate her. It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law. In our country because you'd be in jail. Now, the New York Times reports Mr. Trump told his White House counsel he wanted to order an investigation into Clinton and former FBI director James comic in a memo. Don, Mcgann, reportedly warned that would be seen as an abuse of power and possibly lead to his impeachment. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, Washington, four people dead and a colts, neck, New Jersey mentioned fire. Monmouth county prosecutor Chris Giovanni says it appears to be a case of arson. There was one body that was found out front of the home. The other three were recovered from inside the home. And unfortunately, they were burned severely as a result of the fire that they were exposed to Remigio knee says the victims have not been identified another e coli outbreak involving Romain lettuce. The CDC is warning people not to eat or buy it, even disinfect. The refrigerator if any has been stored their stores are discarded G G R, Donald is a California produce buyer saying remain packages.

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