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You still agree with that on this day and night tino seven the us army signal corps established an aeronautical division the forerunner of what would become the united states air force on this day in nineteen and thirty six the olympics opened in berlin with a ceremony presided over by adolf hitler and dominated by jesse owens a black feller and that pissed hitler off real nice nineteen eighty one the rock music video channel mtv made its debut on this day in 1992 brooks and dunn dhs boots guten boogie begins a four a week residents at number one on the billboard country singles chart one of the most awful songs to ever be a non district come on my name it did this not dagger uh he breaking heart has a certain charm to it like acheived brayqih heart the charm of aq brayqih heart is that the charm of aggie brayqih heart is that you don't know of villaret's in on the joker non you don't know if this is the concept song is like the macarena you know like it does he understand this is this is goofy minute pace the bills and all is is is this is this just to joe or you know you hear that of artists that there's a song that that is like a davidenko never wanted to do you never even call me by my name anymore you got tired of they won't if you call it out he walks i'll stage um but there are artists who do you know kind of silly things are concept things or whatever and and they're big for a moment in and they never want anything to do with that again in their lives i suspect bosom buddies is that way for tom hanks he just wants you to forget that he was in bosom buddies what was the one he was in with daryl hannah a mermaid or or what was that you remember what the can't splash yeah he probably like you to forget you know that but muslim buddies has to be the the low for him whereas i think that billy ray in in his mind feels like yay break your heart that was the man's who y'all will hear that i'll play for you ride now all right you want to hear the first thirty videos on mtv the you know that the first was video killed the.

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