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Spilled on i know she like has a box of special she's like i could never do that like i'm doing commercials special k diane yes i did that in college slimfast shakes fifty calories for breakfast how long have you been friends yeah like tell us your story of meeting we met it the palley house hotel we were i mean i've known some way before that like chalkboard magazine suzanne yeah to like be on a panel sort of about like travel and how you get back on track or how you eat healthy when you travel or how you work out or like good for jetlag and so we were both on the panel with a couple of other people actually don't remember who else was on that fan number meaning founded on we kind of just bonded they're yeah and we had some overlaps with i mean simone brought me in for revenge body some revenge body peeps under the radar way love that yeah so oh we've had a client overlaps and yeah it's just easy i think we're both pretty chill we're grinders are like this how do we and now they get it done yesterday initial idea no it was all smoke like her she had this like i mean you can tell them your idea of having the app but yeah i i yeah wanted to beach as many people as possible and obviously online mode is the way to do it the so many fitness apps out there and i really wanted to try and have something that was different something that's doubt and nothing at the moment office both fitness and nutrition will form you know qualified nutritionist and so i was like okay how do i who do i wanna have and it was like a no brainer knows like i'm close has to be this gorgeous woman next to me so situ to jump on board and she said yes fifteen months of hard work really to put it all together but it's pretty exceptional i'm pretty proud of it so only one month in which is learning gradually is a lot of data to be examined because there's a pot of it's out of fish oil intelligence based on the people's feedback and.

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