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Hera was going on rob Citreon getting ready for our amazing race exit interview and recap hereafter episode number four of the amazing race thirty one. We're gonna do things a little bit differently. In this episode of the podcast. I'm going to have the exit interview with the most recently eliminated team Korean. And Elisa we're gonna have that up. I last couple exit interviews we had those at the end of the recap. But this is one I think that people are going to particularly want to hear considering the interest in Karen and Elisa, so you'll hear my exit interview with Korean and Elisa first, and then Jessica lease and Mike bloom will join me for the recap for whatever reason if you want to skip ahead to the recap you can do. So by skipping ahead about sixteen minutes in. Your pod. Catcher to kick off our recap of the amazing race from this week. I wanna think of sponsor before we get to Karinna and Elisa and those are friends over at ship and ship is the brand new dating at that lets you set your friends up and be set up by your friends the way that it works is that if you're single use sign up, and you invite your friends to join your crew, and if you're like me your in the crew of people like Adam Klein, and you can go through and swipe away, and then you can be the person swiping left or right for the people that you are in their crew. And it's a great way to bring friends together. They say it takes a village to find somebody a relationship, and that's exactly what we're doing here on ship. I'm in a ton of crews, really the listeners rob as podcasts have really taken. Mm to ship. And it's a lot of fun. It's a great way to interact with your friends and potentially meet somebody and even have the okay, I first dating app that I had the okay for my wife to actually be on its ship. So go ahead. Dating is more fun. When you do with friends download ship for free at get shipped dot com slash H. AP? That's get S H I P P E D dot com slash alright. JP get shipped dot com slash our AP and start today..

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