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You know take the bat off of a good hit his hands you know and just dissolve disarm the guy does on the fighter design the the hitter as though you remove the bad from him and but now at forty he fights mortar survive that he does really to win unless he lands his shot. He now shout okay. He's going to win but he fights more. His mentality is more to survive i. I was impressed with his conditioning at forty his ability to use those legs that long i was i was. I mean it was born. Hell outta me. Don't get me wrong. But i was like. Wow this guy you know. He's quite a physical Phenomena that he can do this at forty years of age and moved as much. But i put the blame on some of the blame. I put it on the matchmakers executives. The overpaid executives had showtime over there. I do i because they're supposed to know i used to complain. And friday night fights with some of the bumps that we had. Yeah that's right. I called your bumps. I call them bumps. I caught him to their face. Bumps but at the time And we got rid of some of them We got rid of moving towards the end. We replaced it with some better but they were there destroying our sport destroyed our brand. Espn fighting night fights. Because they were putting on matches they knew nothing about the styles thousand fighter. What made a good fight. What made a bad fight. They knew nothing. And you have to know because about pleasing the fans about putting events on that are going to have action. That are going to be pleased. Offense not gonna be a cure for insomnia. You know what i mean. And that's obviously the the head guys get paid all that money. Alva showtime would. They thought people acted that suffered from insomnia and so they thought they were helping them it. Obviously they know nothing about boxing again. Too bad you know what. Facts are facts and i know. Most people say because they're allen for their meals they wanna keep their job they wanna they wanna sit on defense they want to. They want to be friends. Who want to get along to go along. Go along to get along. That's i understand. I do my problem. That's your problem that my problem over here. I my thing over here is to tell it as it is and those people either have to know something about that or hire someone who does know that when you when you put rigging the owl into your main event. You're not gonna get a good fight. You're not gonna get an exciting fight. You ward gotta get it what. It was in his prime. You're definitely not getting an at forty you not. It's a fact. I mean that's another place. I won't be working anytime soon over show. Obviously you know the good part about that. Always civilizing to every dog cloud. If you're well my agents phone. Bill will be kept low a. k. He won't be having a field all those calls from all those executives over there saying we get teddy over here to call fights nah. Nah we won't have to do that. But you know what. I'm calling for you guys for the fans and as long as you guys continue to want the truth and want me to do that. You know what. I'm your guy do it. I'll do it and And i'll do it in the hope that also people learn something because it hurts to sport when you put on fights that chasing fans instead of embracing fans and instead of calling for fans instead of bringing fans so. I do know for reason for those part of those reason i did it at. Espn for listen. That's why i'm not calling fights now. Does anyone out there. That hasn't figured it out by now. You know. I mean. That's why i'm not. They're calling fights anymore. Ed rings high because somebody complained about me saying that. Oh calling it is. It is and complained about me using a word that we're gonna talk about a little later in the program here so you guys keep your seatbelts. Baku guys you know because there's more bumpy road ahead you know for me it. Smooths but it's a little bumpy. So bumpy for some people they they hit the head you know all that was a bump teddy just two turnovers into a little bit of of war. there that. I didn't like that that that didn't feel good but Yeah used the word corruption. And we're talking about that a little later in the program. Right ken That's right. we'll talk about that. But i and again Somebody over there. Espn Told somebody over there. Espn guy told that guy that You know what. I want. Teddy there no more so. I'm not doing a fights anymore because that that word was uncomfortable. Why was it uncomfortable. Why why would something be uncomfortable if it wasn truth. Oh i think. I understand why because it was truth. Oh and you didn't want the truth coming out. Oh i wonder why. Oh but i digress. The fight was boring. But you know what. I give the devils. Do i regard the algebra. He was honest. He was honest when they interviewed him. Afterwards he withdrew gray. He was honest he just said. Hey this is what. I do does what i do this how i do it now. What he didn't tell you was when he was younger. He didn't do it like i said he didn't get on a bicycle he. He's sat down more. He did more funnier where it still wasn't thrilling. But it was very interesting very efficient. Where he'd make you miss banger. He moved a little bit move rally but he didn't run all over the ring. You know like yeah track shoes on. You know like who was doing the You know that. He was competing against bolt from jamaica. You know what i mean. He didn't do having having said all that about how good he was when he was younger when he was still undefeated. How surprised were you. When low marchenko just completely broke down. Dismantled wasn't surprised. Listen if i was. I would say yes because you know getting. We're going to tell the truth over here. And i'm not always right that one i i said he was gonna knock out. He was gonna knock out the out. He was too big and too young Lohman chaco a that was for me. That was the main part lohman. Shaikha was too big. I mean he just fought the other night at one. Eighteen against lohman chuckle. He fought at one thirty five or one thirty. Correct me. if i'm wrong. It was either way too. Lightweight your figured out in a minute for me. I appreciate that but either way he was way up in weight so he definitely was. He's out of his weight. And like i said lama chuckle was was damn good. He was also younger. And and beta and super feather. Yes well one thirty one hundred thirty junior high call junior light but they called super-feather. You know why they called super fellow. They want everything to look better like super. Oh when you say when you say what. I say junior junior. That's not as to remember when we had Jay williams on with stephen bradman his His trainer that we i asked him. Do you prefer junior. Middleweight or superwelter and the trainer immediately hit superwelter super welterweight super v and honest and of course of course the promoters and all the pr people on obviously the alphabet organizations. Stay they wanna put that forward a super as there's something special attached to it and no negative connotations as junior might be negative negative junior. I don't think it's out teddy atlas junior. I'm a atlas junior. So i don't mind call calling something junior. Okay am i. Son is teddy atlas to third and my grandson is teddy analysts. Fourth and god will be more to follow and they probably won't get jobs at showtime either. But it's okay. I'm pretty sure. That's gary yes. It is that doesn't make you the amazing kweskin over there can. Yeah you're right but again to finish up the analysis of this fight..

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