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Hanna Hanna Betty, Santa Cruz California, Salem discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Let's pick up. Where we left off we've got joy in Santa Cruz California standing by west of the Rockies on coast to, coast AM joy here high I hope you're having, a good evening I'm. Having a blast I p somebody asked me the other day. On Twitter whether I like doing open lines, and I said. To me, it's like batting practice I just feel. Like, I'm. Sitting here in the batter's box just. People are pitching that me and I I love it so I I love this part of the show okay rose Two things. Before I get to my what I want, to share one. I have, tonight is now so I'm starting to. Wonder, why And Two I'm a. Witch so if you wanna ever ask me any craft I'll be happy to tell you anything I know well you know it's interesting about we'll be talking about tomorrow night is even perhaps your definition of which might be challenged by what actually happened. In Salem and. The the really good research that this professor did Really kinda just invert the whole understanding of what happened and I think you'll enjoy the show tomorrow night but Because I. Know you're one of the good ones right oh, yeah I mean it's a it's basically a philosophy. Of care and compassion to other. People and creating a better world that's? All, it is really do do you ever sent for, shock? Value, no No not after thirty two years of? Being All right I'm gonna I then. I will let me push, back on it so when you were younger? Did, you. Ever, say that for. Shock value probably yeah This may be. This may, be part, of the story tomorrow night it's interesting you know if you. Wanna ask me anything I'll leave my oh I appreciate that I I. Don't. I mean. There's no. I'm not in the dark on actually original Neo pagan. Churches really which one was, the original or one of the regional Kercheval? World's, okay In. Nineteen sixty nine okay interesting well yeah and so did you have famous. Members Hollywood. Celebrity types oh we never go famous We were established interesting The. Church. Of all worlds. Okay I'll do that and you had a question you. Want to get to I wanted to share something with people because. I have joint. Pain I'm getting. Older I. Have arthritic issues And I wanted to. Tell people. About CBD oh yeah Hanna Hanna Betty, oil? Which is non cannabinoid yeah not psychoactive hemp cream right you like the? Topical, kind. As opposed to the one that went ingest exactly, right and it works here that it really really works especially if you have like some kind of. A mental unit so that can penetrate into. The, skin Yeah, well. Like any kind of topical cannabinoid oil is I, understand it like caps as in like any other type of you know homeopathic cure better than campus I have an inmate but it what's interesting is that I would I've heard what I've read is that it takes several applications to get it to start to really make the impact that it can and that the the best success from people who, have. Tried, it that I know personally is that they both tried an external treatment and they took the capsules CBD oil, at the, same time and they felt To this because it's, really the internal thing it's kind of the. Same thing the way it works on the outside it's so takes a little while for it to start to metabolize in your system but particularly when it comes to joint pain and sleeping issues it's supposed to be very productive so I I would recommend it and there's a whole company whose budget different companies that are doing that for dogs Giving Yeah giving CBD oil to arthritic, animals putting it in their, food and you have to get, the you have to get the, white the right weight percentages down in that kind of. Thing but there's if you go online and you look up CBD oil for, pets both for elderly cats and, dogs and also for anxiety pets who have a lot of anxiety and they're always crying when you walk out of the, room the people Be nice so yeah all.

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Hanna Hanna Betty, Santa Cruz California, Salem discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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