Bruce, Iphone, Yankees discussed on The Ringer MLB Show - Weekend Takeaways and the States of the Series (Ep. 117)


Bruce going to talk about some general takeaways from the weekend things we were interested in him wanted to go on a bit bigs the the automated strike zone showed you the in play rumson invests the whole yang of magic of at that postseason baseball the sound the sound of being on iphone if the snow afresh grass exactly all right so let's start with i think the most interesting series so far has been gang he's in the it's uh i think it's uh featured the two best games of the postseason nadia don't think that's immensely controversial the say so our own let's do want to start the joe dirt joe girardi chaozhou want it should i just contributed might take on this to the wringer dot com there's been no shortage of takes on the internet so of course this is going back to friday night game two the yankees head which seemed to be a solid lead at the time sixthinning eight three lead and there was what was called a hit by pitch replay showed it to be a foul tip into the club of gary sanchez this was on a no to count to lunch each hasn't hall and of course famously infamously joe girardi decided not to challenge this call even though hit by pitches are reviewable plays she was of course roundly in instantly criticized her that he offered a halfhearted defence on friday night then he came back on saturday perhaps after absorbing some of the feedback from others that that half fences were interrogating a little bit like i don't know how much he believed it ver you know verses he just didn't think he was going to lose that game and needed to come up with a solid fire and that was the best he could do on short notice by iaea rate so he did come back on saturday and and acknowledge the mistake his regrets but on friday after the gave an and i wrote about this for for the site but.

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