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Think special prosecutor in the liquidity McDonald case Joe McMahon says a Chicago police officer getting more than seven years in prison for killing the teen is significant I and his team are satisfied. We chief our goal of Justice and holding Jason Van Dyke accountable for his actions the night that he shot and killed look one McDonald's. This is CBS news. You have enough things to worry about every day insurance shouldn't be one of them. You can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. Liberty Mutual insurance. It's sixty one degrees at one. Oh, three. Good morning. I'm Christine powers on NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. The Fort Worth stock show and rodeo has cancelled its parade scheduled for later today, citing concerns over the weather organizers say it could be unsafe for both spectators and participants. It's only the second time in recent history. They've had to cancel the parade because of weather the Dallas city attorney who resigned last year to run for mayor is now ending his campaign. Larry Casto stepped down as city attorney in the summer of twenty eight teen with a strong hint that he would be running for the city's Tom job then announced his campaign at the end of December. But he says today he is getting out of the race and addressing real estate developer, Mike Ablan. He says they share the same goals for Dallas campaign. Finance reports filed this week showed that Casto had raised about thirty thousand dollars from donors while some of the other. Candidates in the crowded field had raised more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Stephen Pickering, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. The unemployment rate here in Texas stayed at its record low level in December in employment rate was at three point seven percent that was the same in November's. Well, the DFW rate was three point three. The Cowboys are looking for an offensive coordinator. Now KRLD's Austin your explains the oft-criticized Scotland and has been let go as the Cowboys play caller Jeff cavenaugh with one zero five three the fan says a team and invested a lot on offense with very little production. And the Cowboys were twenty-second in offense in the NFL this year and the top four offenses are still playing. There's four teams left through the four best offenses your twenty-second. He says what's worse is the appearance that Linden was too stubborn to make the appropriate changes. The Cowboys have a lot of tendencies were teams have a good idea. What they wanna do. And when a team lines up. It says we're not gonna let you do that in the playoff game. The Cowboys still said no this is who we are. This is what we're going to do. And it hurt them. It hurt him bad in a statement released by the team, they say the two sides mutually agreed that a change was needed after five seasons. Austin York, NewsRadio KRLD..

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