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Sam trans. This is a Sam trans bus that plowed into now 16 cars. Four people sent to the hospital one of them critically injured in kcbs bob butler is on his way to the scene. But I know you are also following some crashes in San Jose as well. We are, in fact, we're getting calls from the KCB phone force about a big backup on one O one in San Jose and I'm looking at it with a Chilton auto body collision camp. This is a serious crash. One vehicle overturned northbound one O one just passed the Tully road off ramp blocking at least the fourth lane from the left. We got a call from Kristen and she just drove by. She counted three cars involved, including that overturn. So delays, it's really jamming up southbound in northbound approaching the Tully road off ramp. We also have a stall, a minor backup on two 80 in San Jose downtown. I'm not too far away from that other crash. This is the off ramp to 7th street downtown San Jose, so some congestion there. And farther south, if your Friday getaway takes you into Morgan hill Gilroy, perhaps Monterey county. We do have a backup on southbound one on one of Gilroy. This is a hazard a possible stall pass leaves Lee road. Your next update, two 48, not the traffic leader. We are in between rain systems with chilly temperatures, highs and low 50s this afternoon. Beautiful, brilliant sunshine today, light rain returns to the forecast early tomorrow morning. It will turn to isolated showers on Sunday, and then lingering showers on Monday morning with a mix of clouds and sun, the rest of the 6 day forecast. Traffic and weather together on the 8th on all

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