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Time Steve Patterson producer Ryan purpose and then it's time to talk music I enjoyed with Donald Ballantine Steve Patterson thank you listeners this is the well last night American idol was on and it was their their final show before the actual competition begins with voting okay which starts next week okay and they're they're gonna be doing stuff from the home everybody's homes Ryan's gonna be at his the judges will be at their homes and these these these contestants will be performing from their own homes that'll be fun it's it's gonna be interesting really interesting television to watch we were talking about this last night and I said look the fact of the matter is there will be for at least one of these contestants there will be someone who has an argument with a family member ten minutes before they go on American idol from their bedroom which you know is probably where most of these kids are doing their performances or wherever there's gonna be a you have to put that away mom I'm going on I don't ten minutes there's none of the distance of I'm staying at a Hollywood hotel I don't live near home anymore I'm getting the glitz and the glamour they're doing chores and school work and then it's like oh don't forget we have vital tonight it's gonna be such a piano and it'll be interesting I'm excited to see it no I saw that there were a couple of on so there was some unseen performances last night I understand yeah and I see a couple of original with us thongs were you impressed with either of those I saw probably three quarters of the show I don't remember specifically whose were original ones Ryan whose were original ones I know Dylan James believe he's that tattooed cowboy all yeah gun smoke yeah he's got he's got a moving story still having overcome drug addiction okay I think it's a big tattoo of Jesus is right all right sure so that I do have a little sound of Dylan yeah area the California they do I like that yeah it's cool that's really good got a fun vibe he's got a yeah just kind of a yeah he's not he does I don't even see him as a country artist he sounds more of like you know the indycar into cool yeah they call him countries post Malone is how some people are described okay hello how about on the Lewis night song is so stinking good I listen to a little bit of the song earlier and I was like really nothing to give you H. urine vibes let's listen maybe ladies all goes in the the more you soon on a baby say three do you yes he does I guess I'd I'd like to.

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