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Morning, otherwise sunny with a high today of ninety two. Clear tonight seventy two for the, low sunny ninety two tomorrow and on Wednesday chance for showers and storms sunshine and. A high of eighty nine seventy seven degrees right now news, service of Croker summertime temperatures are returning to the area bringing. High humidity today lasting through Wednesday that'll cause the heat index to climb into the upper nineties mid week though a cold front is expected to move in with that. Colder temperatures and a chance for some weekend rain and thunderstorms two. People including a firefighter recovering after being injured during a townhouse fire fire crews were called last night to ablaze it's townhouse. In the villages role hill person inside. The home suffered smoke inhalation was taken to UC medical center firefighters also thinking of the hospital with a minor injury at damage, estimate from that blaze seventy thousand dollars. To cause under investigation the Dayton mall is losing both Sears. And elder Beerman this year they're both set to close in the next few months is Sears will be shutting down their operations In November so right. So, university employees could go on strike Tober I that if members reject the fact finders report due in September universities offered staff a three year contract with no raises and reduced health benefits and higher premiums meanwhile workers at the Kentucky Education Association protested, outside the state house on Saturday they say to get a better contract. From the teacher's union teachers Macron's Kentucky protested at the capitol for days this spring south the proposed pension reform plan the beginning of the NFL regular season is just under two weeks away Cincinnati travels to face the colts on September ninth during week one home, opener is week two against the ravens on Thursday. Night football they're currently three and, during the preseason and the reds have the day off today the.

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