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I've heard for a long time and I am. Yep. He's back. I really like drew trying tranquil. Yup. He's in like sort of a hybrid role will drop into coverage lot at from linebacker position and take on a bunch of different types pass catchers you get after the quarterback. I think he is a sort of prototypical versatile defensive player for twenty eight team. I think he's great. And because of this defense, even with a new defensive coordinator, even with on offense, cycling a couple new offense of Lyman to take over for two great, right. Notre Dame players. It's hard to see them losing more than four games. Oh my God. Yeah, there would say four losses. Eight wins four losses. Eight wins foreign eight. There isn't a team on the schedule that you look at it first blush and say, that's a definite loss, right? You know, I feel I feel pretty good about Notre Dame. All the pieces are here, and I still think it's gonna be a potent offense. But I I have questions about running back wide receiver, offense of line. The biggest one I have mentioned me at his Brandon wimbush. He is truly the x. factor. I have ripped on wimbush since week, three of last year. So today I'm gonna try and strike more of a hopeful tone, Dan, okay. He's a dynamic runner. If he can become a more reliable. Able a more confident passer. Notre Dame could be a contender who knows, Brandon. Wimbush scares defenses more than anybody else in that room. Totally right now it seems like he is entrenched as the starting quarterback. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see. Brian Kelly hasn't quick hook in that Michigan game depending on how things go. I don't know how entrenched he is at the quarterback spot. We saw what happened down the stretch last year. Kelly went to Ian book more than once. So I got real questions about where this is all headed. I think a lot of it falls on the shoulders wimbush. I do agree with you though. I think eight and four is probably the floor, and there is a lot of room to grow in that schedule. Ovar Notre Dame fan. Yes. If I were Notre Dame fan, I'd be a little disappointed, Florida state weren't earlier in the schedule. Yes, that's fair. And this would have been a very good year for USC to come to south bend with inexperienced quarterback, but even with Sam darnold USC did. Nothing at south bend last year. So I, I would assume feel pretty good about that. It doesn't come after a big emotional game elsewhere that USC game on the road. So it shapes up pretty well for Notre Dame. Totally. Yeah. Eight and four. Zero floor defense is going to be rock solid. Offense really has to prove itself. They're going to be a lot of new naked Dexter. Williams can Tony Jones fill the void at running back. Just a lot of questions for me about who the contributors are going to be around, Brandon wimbush. Do they have a good tight on this year? Is it is mass back Allison, Mack is back. Yeah. Okay, that's good. I mean, traditionally they've had good tight end play to to bail them out thirty eight. And that seems like it would be helpful Bush. So it looked the offense was really good in spots last year too, but what ended up happening against teams better defenses. They figured out Brandon wimbush Nettie couldn't throw or that he wasn't confident throwing from the pocket. They need to add another dimension to that offense this year, and whether it's wimbush or book or filled your co, Vic, the last four games of the year. I don't know. They have to find some way to add a little bit more spice to keep teams in and some of these defenses off ballots..

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