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Out for the rest of the game with an upper body injury. And I know we've had a few people ask us on our shows. We can bring it to the second intermission report right here, you think Danny Martell gets a couple of games before the regular season ends just to keep him fresh. We saw with Ruta being brought up and you never know when you're going to need that extra Ford or two with that be the time especially on the road trip next week. I think you have to get dented Martell into at least a game with two holidays. Final six on the road trip. Maybe it's a Montreal. You know, he is a Quebec born player, and we know how special that can be for those French Canadian players to go back out play at the bell centre. So I think they have to get dented Martell into a game or two here. Just to you know, keep going if you have to call on him. What can you reasonably expect out of him? If he hasn't played in two months and the woman, I don't even I mean, look what was the last time Danny Martell appeared. Again, it's been a while. And we know we can do it. We saw him literally come off the street in Vancouver and find his way into the lineup. But he hasn't played since February nineteen while that's his last game that he plays. Oh were were about five weeks since he's played a game. I think you have to because what what did we see in two thousand and fifteen when Ryan Callahan suddenly down with an appendectomy. He missed a couple of games they had the pull Jonathan Marsha show up the black aces at that time, which is the group of minor league players at prices and and travels, but doesn't usually get in the game. They're there to be ready face your call upon you have to you have to give players an opportunity to to keep themselves sharp and be ready if they are called on. We'll talk to you in the post game. We'll see Tampa Bay can father way back. Thanks, greg. Eric Rawlinson joining us there. We'll take a look at the.

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