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Try it for free go to ziprecruitercomlevin america yeah hey it's watkin white this is a a dialogue between uh young black men in in a young white man as well you know it it's that w v o n morning show sixteen ninety a n with maize jackson charles thomas every morning monday through friday six to nine a m in the chicago land area i'm coming right at you i wanna get the black folk perspective i want to drill down on this maize charles people in this country illegally is that a big issue two black americans yes and no now no no no i'm sure i'm serious because i think it's it's an issue because black people do not understand the preoccupation of the democratic party with this issue when black people are the the base of the democratic party the most dependable vote yes they're talking about undocumented immigrants right being of some priority and black people cannot understand it particularly those of us who live in illinois which has the highest black unemployment rate in the puncher at kit child charles thomas can i push and may sell i'll push him by pushing you charles says black folk don't understand why democrats make people in this country illegally a priority is it worse than don't understand does it pissed some off at the gate 100 percent pisses them off i'm really his meal if this is me off went especially again as my brother says we are in the state of illinois ways so tough for black people right as the highest black unemployment in in you tell me that we want to turn this place into a sanctuary city but joe i'll tell you that i think that charles and i and i think the country and he tell your audience i believe that they owe a debt of gratitude because we took congresswoman jan schakowsky to the hole shared i heard i heard as it really as it relates to their preoccupation with our dock tell me how you did that because you had congresswoman jansher qiao fee on in this issue came up in my wife said respectfully you to just eight or up what enlighten me say respectfully took her to the which but yeah i think there is this liberal desire to believe that all the.

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