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Liz thousands on to get out staying dry and sorted out any belongs to misery take him someone who stay for ten years and toby regrets it think about you now by his while you got to take that advice mitch trust once broken is hard to regain is it him that isn't trustworthy or is it you that cannot trust either way tokyo counselor mitch he's lying to her so i think he's been gone out in these two belies or these him angela checking receipts what are you not saying unless you of prior reasons dived him in okha you're going after that go searcy do we all want minute by minute account of our partners time i born mind to death until you favour relaxed if somebody says i've just been to the shop to get that thing that's on the table and then you look see the receipt and new jersey will only less on less i've come forth earlier the could have been a power outage at the shop they never reset the till and in fact the date and time of wrong oh oh dear tunes to laze whose with you telling needed to leave her husband and own that i i feel may oh salzone ijaz husband we should have thought of their earlier at rebecca if you really gonna talk to him go stay with a friend family member while telling me not going back unless and until he's prepared to talk to you and listen to why you are so concerned it takes more than a couple of days to agree that you need talk you know it's time to go your separate ways there is a thing about a maybe to difficult kids if you abandon the family home isn't bad divorce settlement later sometimes i think there's something about not leaving the house.

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