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I don't know about this but pizzas pizzas but the weather will be a little bit but yes to what you can drive on my convertible top down now can rob market bow but I'll make i'll make really quick Two things pops up pop has responsibility because his entire coaching career. He's always had international players so they would buy into his system or whatever but the team. Usa guys gotta take responsibility. Somebody has to like play defense. Ninety four feet like jack levin. They don't need you to score. Played ninety four feet defense throughout the game. Whenever you're in there need to pressure the ball and get out open space because and play zone defense because none of these guys are good individually and they won't be able to play as a team well so they've gotta do something but they absolutely should pressure ninety four feet. It's like win. Kobe was away when kobe. Brian d. wade all those kobe said. Look i'm just going to be defended right ryan who might be willing to say right. These look so so. We know. Beverly only olympic team or well. We add holiday. Who was great in the game against france. He had just landed like saturday night. He was great in the game against france. But no rob. If i'm wrong correctly nobody cares. Who's the leading score in the olympics. I i don't even. I couldn't even tell you chris. Previous olympics and pre. I couldn't tell you because carmelo has has been but then there's not like anybody thinks he's better than lebron kobe. And you know what. I mean and weighed in those guys he played with. But like you say nobody cares. So if damian lillard or kevin durant or jason tatum. Or zach levine or whoever just decides. I'm just going to be a role player and help us win. Go that wouldn't that wouldn't take away from your greatness one iota nobody would go into next season thinking. wow lillard. only average eight points in the olympic. Nobody would care so some they've got to start defining some roles and stop. they're all used rob to being the focal point. Which i get. But it's not gonna work in these olympic so we gotta get it right all right. We got randy mueller former. Nfl executive of the year.

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