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Talk show host i guess have you ever seen his show i've never actually seen a whole show about a see clips of it all the time and he's always got like multiple alist stars sitting on the couch together yeah almost every episode i don't stay up for baseball games so i saw you certainly can't stay as my now i i don't either but i see the clips later on yeah and and i don't know how this guy draws so many stars buddies always got like you know tom cruise will be there with with scarlett johansson and their together i mean you can't get those guys in the same month let alone the same show usually in america but this graham nash guy does all the time anyway he had adam sandler on the show and he was there next to clear fully who is in a tv show that i don't watch i i think i think it's the game of thrones i think she's in that and here's the strangely what adam sandler kept doing over the weekend on the graham nash show watch this i got nominated for golden globe too so i took my parents puts his and they can act say they invited themselves really strange is that did you see empty kept putting his left hand on her leg on the actress unclear foyers leg clip i only so as an avocado it on that w no it's that were oats graham eric crosby stash of graham norton thank you oval that is helpful snug graham nash a graham norton that i mean i i don't know who the sky is i don't know why you can draw these stars but here he had adam sandler on the show and as he's telling this story that had nothing to do with sexual harassment or or claire foyer or anything else twice he puts his hand on her knee or on earth five weird and then she picks it up it puts it back in his lap and then he does it again is look at this what you do indeed does it twice here it's really weird.

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