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But he's much more relaxed speaking with John powers again about his new book about Bill Belichick Fridays with Bill, and you've been around so many at standing coaches, you covered the Olympic beat forever. So many global figures in sport and pretty much. Everyone agrees by this time that. Bill bell check. If he isn't the greatest football coach of all time. He's in the conversation. You've been around special people. What makes Bella check the success that he's been was interesting. He's very much on the moment. But one thing that will make him crazy. And this is why he's so terrible after a law. So two days later, we says we're on a Cincinnati. What happened last week last year last decade is relevant to him? It's basically what's going to happen in the next game today. That's why he is so unemotional about letting players go if he thinks that he can do. So we may never know by Malcolm Butler didn't plan the Super Bowl. He may never tell us. But he is let people go that. You would think on the goodness. How can you, you know, Dion Lewis, go do what, you know, anybody else go, but he understands it's very much on the moment. And we all know he would let Tom Brady go it. Somebody can't do the job. It's remarkable. I mean, you know, what he's done, you know, there's simply. Louis not enough. You can say about the longevity of it, the consistency of it. And yet, you know here we are since they've been in three Super Bowls in last few years. And they've won another two people forget that. It was ten years without winning one. They win a full decade between that third. Ballot. Check Super Bowl and that fourth Bella checks proposal yet. Nobody lost faith in him because they were winning so many games, and they were very tough. I mean losing to the giants when you had a perfect season on the line as best. I think ESPN is book talked about it was very long bus ride and chicks up and said, I didn't coach you wellness. You know, I didn't do the job. This one's on me. So with the players do like about two things he he he basically drills it down to the two or three things you have to do to make sure that we win this weekend. And if the team loses he'll always say we didn't play well enough. I didn't oughta. So he's never going to throw the players on the bus. I think that they get that. But mostly what he. Stands. You can't tell them thousand things you're telling the three things the whole do your job thing. But he explains what the job is. He doesn't make it too complicated for you. And you know, where you stand with Bill Belichick, whether you're on the hallway for your in the media. John powers is.

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