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There was some good numbers and some of them I think V rod did a great job pointing some of these out Brian rob forest big fan of his on this show quite a bit. He came up starting 5 brought the ideal starting 5 smart, Jalen Jason rob and Al was a plus 21.1 per hundred possessions which is an absolutely outrageous number. It's a small sample size considering they haven't really had everybody. Every game and jaylen's been out. He's the way to put Schroeder in, rob's had some injury problems. So it's not been a good chunk of data, but it's there. Defensively, they've turned things around. They went from a bottom 5 team and defense to a top 16 in that span and in that 11 game span of the second best defensive rating per hundred percentages the NBA only behind the red hot Phoenix Suns. Tana had 40 straight 30 point games or top ten rebounding team, top ten in assists and doing all of this, the injuries to rob the Jalen Schroeder, Richardson, et cetera, right? Really impressive. But if you look at the teams they've beaten, it's not like the greatest collection of talent out there in the league, magic, the raptors, the bucks without Giannis and Middleton, the Lakers who are an absolute dumpster fire and I'm enjoying that personally. The thunder who are not trying to win, the rockets who are not trying to win, not the best competition, so. Miami Heat game. So that's the only one. It's just in Miami game and I'll give Cleveland two because then I think it's a good team. Cleveland is so underrated. Yeah, they're very, very good. I wish I wish I put all my money on or not all my money, but the Cleveland Cleveland making the playoffs this year, I wish I wish I bet that line. Well, if you had bet that before the season started the odds were probably ridiculous. I think I don't quote me on this. Don't do a deep dive and try to assume expose me, but I'm pretty sure I saw a line that was plus 7 50 to make. It was either the play in or the playoffs. It's been a week or so since I saw it, but I was like, damn. Yeah, but how would you know that? How would you get on that? The way they're building the team, I guess. So you really would have had to have been if you're high on those guys in those players. I don't know, I didn't. Certainly. But I guess my question. Which we are, where we love it. Everybody loves to have public guys awesome. But so my question to get back to this is, you know, we've seen a nice turn around for Boston. The numbers are definitely encouraging in certain areas, but when you look at the competition, it's not the best. Are we getting too ahead of ourselves here with this team? Or is this actually something we can actually hold on to? I think we're getting ahead of ourselves, honestly. The beer obstacle shout out mask live was also kind of interesting to me about the ideal starting lineup because I don't think they've played particularly well. There's been a few games here and there,.

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