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I hear it john stevenson mr kathy over chickfila mr blank a lot of people from y'all mix races color screens genders uh you can feel it coming together because we know we have an embarrassment of riches and you can count assent some alatas social mr cousins what he did it he's likely going to replicate that on the other side of the dome home janos steps things so there's there's a lot of really positive energy and you know so interesting 'cause we started out our one of the show this morning talking about that twitter nonsense would and culture and delta over the weekend that i have got mired in i don't even know how bad happen one innocent tweet and suddenly am satan you know but i bring it up again only to say that you know it's so interesting because we have something silly like that a woman getting moved to seats over on a plane turning into this you know negative like nonsense on social that everybody's paying attention to one really i think there are so many people that want to use their celebrity for good right and want to do good things and we need to figure out how to highlight more of that and less of the nonsense well yeah because if you can like i said if you can sort of organiz these things collectively will continue to drown out of because if you think about it you know that that that coulter incident was played israel real news right and i'm like you know everybody has had a disagreement about a seat right and so you know that but that's all you saw yesterday which overshadowed like actually really good things going on right right what do you think it's so interesting when you think about a lot of the sports teams in look we've had plenty of uh sports player get in trouble for bad behaviour over the years but i feel like the team's really try to teach these guys to kind of have a relatively low pratt profile and to behave certain way and they really i think now even try to teach them how to how to interact on social media and not to do things like that and it's almost like you win you know that whole um i i keep giving it that reference to spiderman with great power counts greater possibility right but you know it's like when you have.

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