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Pressure last season took it all in stride but if i didn't know any better i would think that the moment with getting to them right now suddenly that moment is too big for them the moment and the dodgers because la is rolling six no in the post season to an all on the road chris taylor is raking yossi is going gasio p week in the best possible way at the best possible time and you darvish paid for himself last night he gave up that home run dish warburg in the forest but then he settled down any pitched in the seventh striking out seven along away hard to say that one game makes a big trade entirely worth it but that one game pretty much made that trade entirely worth it because being a 300 is so much different than being up to one jets is being down o three is totally different from being down one until dodger fans may not want to hear this but i'm going to say it anyway i don't want to say the series is over but that series is over don't get me wrong 2017 cubs are a good team i just don't think they are the two thousand four red sox they are dead on arrival and madden and his players are going to ask some questions to answer this offseason they're done johny gums skin join me at nine forty pacific so about fifty minutes from right now this email says dear jim yesterday we raked today we sweep sincerely at home dads dan musk's knock commuter denmark's aren't you a stayed dad is that how you have time for all this i was assume the usa home dad or you here to crack your own how us which you have as much time to shop the things that you shop on twitter get quick phone call here let's go to main ryan in maine good morning our you what's up ryan not do much yeah that dodger how period is over it would over quick ripped up way not as quick as my pelvic bat won't even that he didn't have now over uh i am and my stomach about the injury i physically cannot get out of bed this morning and therefore attic it to work i don't know if i'm making in a wreck the weekend.

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