Las Vegas, United States, Senator Grant Burgoyne discussed on Idaho's First Morning News


Another question that needs to be asked how do we stop something like this from happening following the mass shooting in las vegas this week violence in the us is a concern to many people we reached out to state lawmakers and ask them what can be done to stop the violence idaho senator grant burgoyne says it would help if people simply treated each other with more civility when i see and of course the environment that i'm in as a as a political environment when i see tshirts that say i hate so and so or icy bill her stickers that are in temperate uncivil and the language suggests of violent attitude i'm not saying that these people are violent people but i'm saying it it doesn't help to create a more peaceful society in more or good society it it adds to the to the idea in our society that violence might be in some circumstances any answer i natalie hurst kboi tune is for six seventy kboi in other news today boise police are searching an area where did search and area yesterday i should say or rather you stick and five mild a area for a man who was accused of robbing the wells fargo bank robbery occurred late tuesday morning kboi two tv reports the robber is the white male adult in his forties with facial hair was wearing a black hoodie light blue jeans a black scarf and sunglasses police say the man was last seen in the area lancelot avenue in hampton street the robber left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers at 200 eight three four three cops more information will be reported as it becomes available tyler martin.

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