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But she was like no. You should do it. Because i think she understood that it was something that i love to do. I just i was very pragmatic. I don't think. I wanted to avoid just like our financial circumstances. We were always broke and emotional circumstances where they were always heartbroken so much the so much the so much more rejection there is accepted an industry like this in any kind of pursue any kind of passion of art. Same of sports yeah But plenty of things with something mains the well to you the whatever that may be maybe biology but this more space for your heart to be broken and so i i wanted I come from a whole family of people who really wanted to be performance. Anyone didn't wow but But you know so. I you know very reticent very reticent to get into this and just kind of how to look at it as a camera qualified how fun. How fun see what i can get away with. See how much. I can tell you with me when i leave. Like an and the bigger disaster is in the. I humiliate myself the funnier. That story will be at the pop with my friends. And so that's been my survival. That's a good way of. I would love a little bit of that. I'd like i'd like to borrow some of that for me. I guess i didn't. I think i'm a person hyper productive person And i think that's probably how i That's my my protective mechanism to like. Make things finish things. Get things out to the world. That i don't have to there's heartache. No matter what. I'm going to ask you about that because i've never i've never made something out to the world. Everything i do is fairly low. Risk can and i think for me like comedy. Even the companies hard comedy is my safes. You're pudding fully packaged. You're like a musician. Making an album is a proper body of work. Yeah so what's the emotional journey fat. Like when you put that out in the world and you take that risk and i don't know always mixed results for everyone no matter how big they are yeah. It's heroin it's just it's there's no there's just no way for your heart not broken a thousand times along the way and i. It's happened every time. I don't have children but i my friends who have children talk about like after the first labour they're like i'm never fucking doing that again. That was insane and then like a year later. They forgotten are like we should get pregnant again. You know and that's what it feels like every time because it is. It's pretty brutal. And i think sharing it is so vulnerable from across every stage of the process. Like sharing a script that you've written is so vulnerable because forever forever screenwriter there. There's going to be personal infusions but for me especially like i really do just like i use my my screenplays ways to process sort of deepest existential queries. So so that's really vulnerable and then and then making it and released into the world. Is you know it's it's hard because for many reasons but critics can be very cruel and and because it's not as good as the incredible include and and so and all of that and so all of that is just even just like the first film called breaking upwards and no producer wanted to make it and so that we made it gorilla style out of sheer necessity and then opened a lot of doors but but then a lot of successors even band aid which was my debut which was fairly successful for an indie film. Nobody wanted to make it. I sent that script to everyone. Nobody wanted to again. So then i just went and decided to make it on my own and so like every seven way even things that might look like successes. In retrospect there's so much rejection and there's just so much heartache and it's always learning how to navigate or like toe. The line of learning from that rejection would also like also defying the keepers. And saying okay well like rather than just going like okay. Well this one this one. They didn't like someone shelve it. I was like this when they didn't like i'm going to make it like i love that. I think that's so important is especially important for it for women to do that. Yeah i think that's like when we're never told the we're allowed to do that. We are now to learn. When i love it when i hear of someone who. Just who defy that that it's not just an invoice. it's it's an. It's the voice the loudest voice voices one of. Don't try again. Yeah oh don't do this. You'll embarrass yourself and shunning. That embarrassment shame is a big thing for you on us. Yeah did you say shame and embarrassment to the big. I think i've heard you say that before. Someone chamber like mine is guilt and fair. I have no shame. Yes oh no. I would say. Shame and guilt or embarrassment. Feel like they're sort of shame and guilt or are yeah. I would say their mind driving factors but then to go to go against that that shea and do anyways so i also just i love the things you or thinking signing the show much vulnerability and this also unusual. I also was band-aid. Wasn't that way you hired like an all female crew. Yeah which i think is such a cool thing to be. And i would love to know what experience was like and the experience was so earth shattering. It was amazing. It exceeded all of my expectations. In many ways. They're multifactorial in terms. Of why i decided to hire all women on that film but i think one of the reasons was because it was director debut and i witnessed women behind. The camera be treated differently..

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