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Are getting dicey along the eastern seaboard as hurricane Dorian brings high winds and storm surges ABC's Alex stone is in Charleston South Carolina. all you could hear that is transformers transformers are exploding here right around as power lines are coming down smells like burning electrical lines but the wires are now down in the street in front of us as the power is now going out with little amount of power we still have not left around here man the transformer just keeps exploding here several Spahn off tornadoes have also been reported in both north and South Carolina right now Dorian is a category three storm with potential one hundred fifteen mile an hour winds the Phoenix fire department Arizona task force one team is in South Carolina ready to help with Dorian Phoenix fire assistant chief Shelley Jamison says the department of water rescuers are staged at fort Jackson army base in Colombia we have a boat we have three members that are specially water trained so bear prepared for water rescue when the storm hits and if indeed it results in what the team could be in South Carolina for two weeks the couple there isn't a couple who escaped custody in Utah over a week ago remains on the loose this morning Katie a RC Jeremy foster joins us live now with the latest on that search. yeah that's right Martha chief deputy US marshal for the district of Arizona Timothy use tells Arizona's morning news they believe Blaine Susan Barksdale are still in Arizona goes wrong we believe there is a good one think about the Marshall services we are future partners and we will find the any has this message for anyone who is either help doors currently helping keep them off the radar I understand you're gonna be in as much trouble as they are we are coming out for you too you need to give them up immediately you says more than one hundred federal local and state law enforcement personnel are working to find them with a twenty thousand dollar reward for information leading to their capture right now live in the newscenter journey foster KTAR news ATA our eyes on education classes are canceled at all flagstaff schools today so administrators can get to the bottom of what they say is the cyber security issue no details on the problem but it forced the flagstaff unified school district to shut down campuses and other school related sites for the day yes that is still going on APS attorney bill not mallet on confirms to the Arizona corporation commission yesterday at a PS is still under federal investigation this after the utility company secretly spent millions of dollars to elect state regulators the company favor during the twenty fourteen election the company is cooperating with the US attorney's office in that investigation they're not stonewalling it in in any way mala das that he could not discuss the details of the probe Katie a our eyes Isaac Gration shelter that houses migrant children is back open in the valley the four hundred twenty bed shelter near downtown Phoenix was close last year because southwest key didn't have fingerprint records for some employees the shelter was re open on Sunday after the company fix the problem a second shelter near young town is still closed amid reports that staff shoved and drag Doug Rulli children purism apartment held services says the application to re opened after some of the is still pending Bob my clay KTA artisan this senses is next year but you might see address canvassers in your neighborhood soon Dennis. ray Johnson the deputy regional director for the census bureau says canvassers will have the proper ID with them quickly they will knock on the door to see if someone is there and the reason they do that is not the calendar using as for the simply to ask and make sure that we've included all the housing units that might be at that address the counting of individuals will actually start next April KTA unused time is eight oh seven. and here's the tour Dan in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center how bad is that one of one of their spelling getting good there's a big crash south about one oh one at cactus in man they're slow and go for fifty two minutes.

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