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Who just? I love it. It sounds like it's going to go along. Go On for a while eighty nine dollars a month, two hundred ninety four dollars for a six month membership, right and three hundred forty nine dollars for the year. So you intend on carrying this on for a while Yes the twenty nine, ninety nine. A month was basically. You know. That you come in you. Sign up and again it works on any device, and and you just work out side-by-side live because I, I grew up in the billy blanks where put into taping you like. But our kids they consume and produce information. You want they want to answer? They want question. They want to upload videos, so we just provided on that in our camp. So as you're in the camp, you could do all of those things side-by-side which a favourite Clare's and the WNBA the NBA. And you'RE GONNA learn from the best in in that Jimmy. Separates everything else. Yeah, you. You just dated us with the billy blank things but. That's okay. We both know what you're talking about. I mean this is literally like a masterclass for hoops, right? We see Steph curry and people at the top of their professions in that masterclass series, but I love the fact that this is live. It sounds so interesting and so different. That's a different. That's the separator. I mean you know we we go? FACEBOOK LOB INSTAGRAM LA LA. Everything is momentary, so my kids can. They were doing classes at home. So it's important to have the live element. You can watch it again. It does live on a site it does, but we do have a library, but it's more important to be locked because you can interact. See the actual mistakes that the players might make I was talking to Kimball. Walker and I said Hey. Yeah. This move away pulls back the ball and people fall on the floor. The NBA, so you got to move when we do this. He's like okay. Yeah, I said, but you have to tell kids when and why you? You want me give you the secret. Again, you gotTA give out community. You know that's the difference of being having a personal trainer and having someone like you is winning. Wise all right, but in catching beverly signs not. On any MBA blends, we're going to cut it off. Speaking of NBA players. What do you make of sort of where we are in the quest to get the season going again? Well. The NBA. We were the first what was the first. Major Sport to stop. I think which really ignited. You know where we are in terms of businesses as well. In the pandemic and now it looks like we're going to be the first to start so. I'm optimistic, but I'm actually just as well because you know this very contagious as you know contagious virus. and. I. Don't know if you can prevent it, but you could have precautions that. Really, reduce your levels the possibly you know access to it so I'm optimistic, but at the same time supercautious. What were you are still playing? Would you go? If I was still playing dependent on what Kitty Smith you asked, twenty, one, twenty, two, twenty, three twenty four year old kingsman I'd go because I was I was single. No kids. My parents lived in New, York I played in Sacramento and Houston I, it wasn't, but when I thirty euro with kids, my parents closer and I have more responsibilities I would think about it differently so young Kennedy on there. I was living by myself. How do I remove spots abilities about other than myself? I appreciate your insight again. The Jet Academy. What's the website? Cam Dot Com you get your kids out of the on the computer, but the actually act do two.

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