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Stepped up to help his family twenty six years old. That's quite a big responsibility. So what was your reaction when you saw this the conversation between Lisa and your mom that was took me by surprise. But it was really nice to see Lisa very caring full me outside of the workplace. And it definitely gave me closure into thinking. You know, I'm going to be left behind in this trial showed that you can. Okay. Any thoughts about your mom? No. I mean, my mom didn't tell me that she was filming day. Literally like, what is this? So you know, that was very secretive, and I texted her off there. I was like, oh, you told me that you did your mom told Lisa that she needs to be a mother figure for you. I don't think she meant it like that. Because my mom has been an amazing mother figure her entire life. You know from from raising me to cooking and putting me through private school in London. She's done. Okay. Second katie's planned girls night into take over James's Tuesday residency at sir. But here's what instead of just pissing off James, which she successfully did katie's girls night in also managed to have another woman feeling very left out. Let's watch. And then Billy. I want your thoughts on the other side. I figure why not have a girls night. You did not include any start making not. Will you'll hit I'm trend and its growth night. That's my out. You put it out there that people are transphobic when lies numbers that were translocated that for me, you're you're dismissed you're not he better than me LaLa. Billy is insinuating. That uh girls are transphobic. She's just blocked. Thoughts. First of all, I never said the word, transphobic and second I want to clarify that. I think katie's body is beautiful. I love her body. I love the curves even had body contouring. So I can be more curvy like her. I have to say, though, I you saying that in reference to you saying that she was playing the cart. Yes. Yeah. And there you have what I say privilege for her to not even ask or see how I'm feeling coming from trans experience. No one cared. What I said, they were just yelling attacking me. They wouldn't hear me. And when I tweeted that I had no idea Katie planet. I honestly was tweeting, sir. I'm like how come my place of work place that I love is not including me in something. And I really felt very emotional about it. And it was a trigger for me. And what I apologize with Katie. I'm sorry to Katie that the trigger was so deep it was really a lot of childhood things came up for me and it landed on her because she planned it. But when I apologized to her. She said, I'm sorry. I just didn't have enough. Time. And I think this is a universal discussion with people in America. Let's get out of her own asses. Let's make some time and be there for the people. Sometimes when I meditate I think about how is it to be a black man in America house. It's b- black woman a black trans woman in America. Like, sometimes we just need to stop being so busy and so self involved, and that's my whole conversation. There's transit all over the world watching this show, and I represent that in a way, and it really was a big trigger for me. And I apologize that all landed on Katie. All right. Finally this season. I guess felt like they were on some people's do not invite list. But one thing I pride myself on is inviting everyone to meddle in other people's lives. So here's what Billy Jones for you to give your pump rules friends in front of me Unser listed advice. Biggest mistake Sheena makes in relationships any of shape boss to heart quick chief those. What advice do you have for Kristen social Justice warrior approach to exacting revenge? We all know, it's revenge. Healing and meditation. Billy you accuse LaLa of thinking she's better than everyone.

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