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You know it starts at the top so i feel like i tell our players all the time as long as you informed as long as you are really have a strong feeling just ongoing copycat or mirrors would somebody else said but if you saying something from the heart from what you might have experienced speak about it you know because you have a great platform to go out and speak about whether this racial equality gun control drugs whatever it is exercise so all those things that that that are very important to you speak about it but again the freedom the wheel like myself that had we talk about it in canada some of the things that have happened in here in states in i know steve kerr read some his comments and pop is great with his comments before him to say that for sixty plus euro man to say some of the things he says about racial equality is strong is strong because he came in a generation where that was a nono that when i came to a generation word that was a no no pop right bomb pop so my head is off to him you know if i had is bigger platform as he has i would do the same thing i try to do the same thing and canada but again is hard for canadians to really relate because they haven't had to segregation the klan the you know all the things that we've gone through in the in the south you know i was a bit through six african american to play at university kentucky and at the time we were too i think i can remember a record twelve and 1213 thirteen and thereby say we had too many black players made in use at word here you know so a and we went on to win in it in two years later we won the nc aa championship but at you know there is hard for a lot of canadians to relate unless they lived in the states because you know they they they have some issues there too with the first nation a history they have with the first nation but nowhere near nowhere near the struggles that have happened in the united states.

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