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I'll be your host, my name's at Corsair joined by my fellow Co, of course, as always Mr Craig Board and Mr Brennan Pentecost. What's up guys? Doing. Good Buddy how doing I'm excited I'm excited to share. Fifteen, boys. All a little bit of postseason baseball in the mix here even though we have about a month away but. You know there's a whole lot to break down. There's a whole lot of postseason talk to break down. There's a whole lot of trade deadline talked to break down. But it should be noted first of all that we are recording this. Friday evening eight, twenty eight that is August the twenty eighth for those that are listening on the podcast. Edition I guess you could say this show and not the streep There is currently lie bluejays baseball going on right now with the Jays hosting the Orioles, their nemesis for this year as it seems. That being said, the Jays are pretty much sitting pretty right now on the eighth spot of the American league with a record of fifteen in fourteen. If I'm not mistaken, they haven't been below five hundred since August the nineteenth. So they're they're in pretty good shape when it comes to that things are looking good when it comes to the team itself but I should note to start the show the state of sports in general. Is In an a pretty much an unfortunate, yet familiar space. So I kind of want to start with this. We can spend as much time as you guys want when it comes to this, but I think it's worth mentioning we've touched on this before and history has terrible of repeating itself and this time to a much larger degree with racism still being prevalent in our society. Unfortunately, the sports world is taking action with players and teams boycotting pretty much or protesting their respective games, the Jays notwithstanding on Thursday evening, the Jays, and the Red Sox game was pretty much boycotted to raise awareness for racial injustice specifically. Spawned on the acts committed to Mr Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times in the back by by policeman Brennan. Start with you how do you think the team responded to this I know the red sox sort of took the ball initially in the bluejays followed. What are your thoughts also should be noted that today is MLB celebration of Jackie. Robinson days usually held in April but today given the shortened season. This is celebrating it that was a word salad for me you can take it over. Now, very good way to start it off out of MRS discussion that everybody should have especially with three of us who are Caucasian male over the age of twenty eight.

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