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Dot com To add about Mike's pop point about master, basically saying, Don't go to the grocery store anymore. There's a new strain of covert coming in from Britain. It's killing everybody out there, so don't even go to the grocery store. And they said all those masks. Nope. Say goodbye to class Mass. They say, Say hello to tight fitting surgical masks or even at 95. In fact, those of the only kind of master actually work to stop slow down. I should say the spread of the virus we've been lied to for months. And it caused so many people to go out thinking they were fine so long as they wore the mask. How many deaths? Do you think those policies led to those policies pushed by Biden, who went against Donald Trump said he won't go for a movie man. Doug Ducey woke up for a match mandate. Well, you did, and people probably died because of it if you're gonna blame Trump for death. I'm blaming you for desk. What's fair is fair. Let's hear from the main culprit. The media as as we're moving on to a dem splaining. Yes, it's a new term here at 5, 50 caff y dense playing, that means they're explaining away all of the nonsense that they say in the media. Is coming after you. That's right. You It's coming After Robbie. She was down there. Let's give it a little update. The FBI's looking into the capital breach turns out a lot of it might have been Pre plan. Yeah, there were people who caught up in the moment weren't planning to breach the capital. But there's some online chatter, some people admitting FBI agents. Oh, yeah, We're playing this before Trump spoke, Which means if that is true House speaker rushed impeachment on a false pretense. That means they just impeach the president of the United States for something that did not happen because they didn't take the time to investigate it because the clock was ticking ah to January.

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