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Arctic military sites, including deep water ports and airfields, I'm Lisa dwyer. Thank you for listening. Hey Nissan, how do you get to the top? Calculating proceed to 1959. Take a hard left and East Africa at the 71 safari rally. Fear right for 19 off road championships in the Baja desert. Proceed towards Moab, take the trail to hell's revenge, include steep incline, continue for the next million miles. We're two first again? 60 years, millions of miles, and the capability to take you anywhere. This is the new Nissan. With an AP news minute Oregon governor Kate Brown said Saturday, she and husband Dan tested positive for COVID after returning from overseas for the Vietnam U.S. trade form, Oregon health officials have warned that the combined effects of COVID, the flu and the respiratory virus RSV could strain hospitals in the coming months last week Brown declared a state of emergency in an effort to aid hospitals. Colorado governor Jared polis continues isolating following his announcement Thursday that he tested positive for COVID, the state has seen an uptick in cases. RSV, the flu and COVID are spreading. China announces its first new death from COVID in nearly half a year, a strict new measures are imposed in Beijing and across the country to ward against new outbreaks. The death of the 87 year old Beijing man brings the total death toll to just over 5000. China has an overall vaccination rate of more than 92% having received at least one dose. I'm Julie Walker. Hurricane Ian is nearing Cuba and on a path to strike Florida, I Norman hall. Forecasters are warning that hurricane Ian is growing

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