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What we're news time eleven oh, five Phillies blanked, the Mets six to nothing. Yankees trail. The angels one nothing. They're in the top of the fourth inning. Here's your w we'll warm Weather Channel forecast. Rain chances increasing through the end of the week. But the good news. It looks like we have a dry pleasant weekend. Coming up overnight, increasing clouds lows around fifty later on Thursday, partly to mostly cloudy, a small chance of a late day shower, high sixties rain likely Thursday night into Friday morning Fridays. High in the mid sixties, I'm meteorologist Mark tibido from the Weather Channel on seven ten WORM. Breaking news at once. Start your day with Len Berman and Michael real in the morning six until ten tomorrow morning. I'm sue Guzman on seven ten w Aren NBC News Radio station. Dave Ramsey show is brought to you by Rex real estate team saving you four percent buying or selling your home. Headquarters. Solutions broadcasting from the dollar rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey show. Or dad is dumb cash is king and the paid off mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us. Open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five. That's triple eight eight to five five two two five. Stephanie is on the line starting off.

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