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They will retrofit thousands of diesel buses in areas with the most severe echoed problems too euro six standards but they too don't mention scrappage however important is sustainability to the parties simple research reveals that is not very important tool most of the three mentions lowlife pozzi but not really on message they want to abolish the nhs sustainability in transformation plans to examine the future sustainability of local pubs and safeguard environmental sustainability in the face of brexit also allows one the dem will establish a cabinet committee on sustainability chad why cabinet minister and those thomason office for environmental responsibility to scrutinize the government's efforts to meet its environmental targets and the place a responsibility on every government agency to account for its contribution towards meeting climate targets in everything it does the labour party conservatives talk about the nhs sustainability and transformation plans but unlike labor they support them any other accounts of the word in the tournament of has to relates to the longterm sustainability of these scottish economy the greens want to scrap the nhs sustainability in transformation plans of maps the anytime they use the word of course almost everything they say in their money faster has positive implications for sustainability they just don't seem to call it up ukip doesn't mentioned sustainability a toll the truth of course is that sustainability features nowhere in the election campaign even climate change may be in the manifestos but melby considers it important important enough to be debated.

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