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Lee Michelle same time next Christmas will air in December and centers on a young woman played by Michelle who reunites with her childhood sweetheart at the Hawaii resort where they met years ago according to the official log line supplied by the network the old chemistry between them flares up a new but circumstances conspire to keep them apart than what you're making all this noise yeah this movie sounds good that is really good this holiday season is shaping up to be a big one for Christmas TV movie is a with hallmark Ording forty new original flicks for hallmark channel and hallmark movies and mysteries and lifetime is planning twenty eight of their own I midday SO Christmas what we are about a hundred and seventy five we're not doing that hundred yeah we're doing a countdown we're not at all you're going how many days a hundred sixty two not all right around the corner they're both regular and third third that is the latest here from my shock for more stories like these everything entertainment you're wearing it over to the my talk gap in my talk one of seven one dot com at the top of every hour and it's a twenty twelve twenty and five twenty on my top one of seven one welcome back on my talk one of seven one three saying certamen and in case you're just joining us we've got something very cool going.

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