Joe Biden, President Trump, Lisa Brady discussed on Sean Hannity


On notice and Lisa Brady, Fox News. Warning that twenty twenty isn't as far away as it might seem as you spoke to gun rights advocates in Indianapolis. Fox's John decker is live at the White House speaking at the NRA's annual convention, the president announced that the administration will not ratify the UN arms trade treaty aimed at regulating, the international arms industry promised to defend the second amendment rights. Of every American, and I always will never let you down treaty was not supported by the NRA, which spent more than thirty million dollars to support. President Trump's campaign in two thousand sixteen gun. Control advocates are criticizing the president's decision to back away from the treaty which seeks to make it more difficult to sell weapons to countries that are under arms embargoes, Lisa. Thanks, john. A fast start to fundraising for former vice president Joe Biden six point three million dollars in the first twenty four hours topping the first day totals for the rest of the democratic field. And Biden's campaign says ninety seven percent of those online donations were under two hundred dollars. But he's still getting questions about recent allegations of inappropriate touching have to be more more aware, and it's totally legitimate for someone not to have to say, no don't get in my private space is my job. It's my job to read. There's no, no. This is space that though it was be vain. His first interview on ABC's the view ahead of the campaign kickoff event Monday in Pittsburgh. A first in the nation abortion ban is blocked by the Kansas supreme court in a ruling that says a second trimester procedure. What opponents call dismemberment abortion is protected under the state constitution. And that those abortion rights protections are stronger than what's offered by the US constitution, some abortion opponents now want to amend the Kansas.

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