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The season lu Han a law firm studio doing doing right this is KDKA radio reporter Dan coats is leaving as director of national intelligence president trump has a big on August fifteenth and he's nominating Texas Republican congressman John Radcliffe for the job I'm Tom forty this was Texas congressman John Radcliffe last week standing up for president trump is the house intelligence committee question former special counsel Robert Muller nor does it say that you were to conclusively determine Donald trump's innocence or that the special counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him now just days later the president he defended says he will nominate Rockcliffe to replace Dan coats as the nation's top intelligence official in two and a half years in our job ex senator coats occasionally found himself on a frequency older on the president's on matters like Russia Iran and North Korea Tom forty CBS news Washington breaking news out of Gilroy California where police are responding to reports of a possible active shooter or shooters at the annual Gilroy garlic festival video posted to social media apparently shows people scrambling to get away we'll bring you more details as we get them authorities are searching for two shoes they believe opened fire at a community festival in Brooklyn New York the shooting late last night left one man dead another person in critical condition ten others wounded faced with criticism that his comments about African American congressmen are races president from says no the congressman is the real racist nutrients that Elijah Cummings is ignoring what it calls a rap and rodent infested district university of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato sees a trump strategy behind this he not only doesn't like Cummings but he's convinced this is helping him politically he sees this as a way to shore up the white working class in places like Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin he needs to Kerry at least two of the three to get reelected coming says every morning he wakes up and goes to fight for his neighbors C. correspond at least two sets as international officials have been meeting in Vienna trying to save a nuclear deal with Iran which the United States has rejected all the other signatories for their China Russia Germany of the Europeans they were all there and it is sending a strong message that they want to try to salvage the nuclear deal this landmark deal even though it's quite frankly hanging by a thread a spokeswoman says Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is in satisfactory condition after being hospitalized for what's described as a severe allergy attack while in jail the valley was taken to a hospital from the Moscow detention facility where he is serving a thirty day stands for calling and non sanctioned protest his spokesman says no only has no history of allergies on a ride to the hospital with severe facial swelling and red skin rashes this is CBS news.