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They eliminate the those studies the only two things that gave persistent joint pain release. It wasn't the WPRO fin wasn't the naproxen. It wasn't. Any of those drugs. It was only solid Cox. And glucose swimming. But the only one that retained its effectiveness over a long time over a year was glucose from and why they said costuming sulfate remained associated with a significant standardized mean difference of pain. At reduced pain. Let me do it a mess. Seventy one percent it reduced pain. All over a year. Glucose Amine out of all the drugs out of all these studies glucose Amine was the only thing that persistently reduced pain after a year why because it was preventing joint space, narrowing. And they said it was with with glucose Amine. There was a significant improvement and physical function of the joint. A sixty eight percent improved function. So a seventy one percent reduction in pain over years. A sixty eight percent improvement and joint function. And a fifty eight percent. Reduction and joint space, narrowing. In other words, glucose Amine out of all the drugs glucose Amine was the only thing that was preventing the joint from getting worse and worse the drugs any of the drugs did not have that capability. And by the way to customer of a safe. It was effective. It was reducing pain improving the function of the joint reducing stiffness and preventing that you are in from deteriorating. Only supplements have been shown to prevent the breakdown of joint cartilage drugs. Do not do it. That's an important thing. So even if you wanna stay on the drug you need to add a glucose Xuming supplements. But here's the thing. They're saying pharmaceutical grade glucose, I mean, when you go into these big stores where they have twenty seven different costuming products. They're not pharmaceutical great. In fact, some of them are are actually rubbish. They're actually rubbish. Our glucose Android from invite is pharmaceutical grade at matches the quality for human clinical trials where glucose Shamin strongly reduced pain strongly. Reduced greatly improved the function of the joint chic get back on the golf course or on the tennis court or whatever you're doing and was preventing the joint from further erosion. So if you're on Advil or Aleve or celebrates the joint will still breakdown, you're just feeling better. Temporarily. Eventually, they're not gonna work then I'm going to work because the joint has totally decayed and the bone on bone pain. So here's a couple of recent studies on glucose Shamin or controlling or both of them together. This one is unbelievable as from a razzmatazz medical school. Asmus medical center and university of Liege which would be in Belgium, arouse MRs in the Netherlands and a school of medicine in Milan. I've never been Milan. I love Italy. I have to get them along. That's an journal seminars arthritis and rheumatism and they're looking at all the white women. Four hundred and seven women between the age of fifty to sixty then he was fine. But they were overweight. What's the number one? Cause of arthritis in women. It's not a sports injury. It's being overweight. That's the number one cause. 'cause it puts a lot of pressure on the knee when you're walking and that destroys the knee cartilage. So it's four hundred seven all the white women. There were given glucose means sulfate. Or placebo. Every day for two and a half years every day for two and a half years. It reduced the risk of developing authorities by fifty nine percent. So not only does glucose Shamin treat arthritis and reduce pain and improve knee function. Like it improves the range of motion. How much you could bend Uni without paying every Tusa stiffness. Not only does it treat authorize not only does prevent further decay of the joint cartilage, but it also prevents arth rightous. And that's the first study I've seen like that. But it's a very well. Balanced nonbiased. Well, powered studied there's plenty of women four hundred seven women it was for two and a half years. It was plenty of time. That's a really good study. So his another one. This is the David Geffen school of medicine. So that's UCLA de department of Rheumatology and immunology and they're using. They're seeing of glucose remain really mean something. So they're saying the European society for osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis recommends using glucose Amine and writing before using drugs. David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA goes on to say numerous studies are published on the use of these nutrients. They go on to say what a significant reduction of over fifty percent and cost. Healthcare consolidations and examinations over twelve months. In other words, giving the patients glucose conjoint. They didn't need to pay for the expensive prescription drugs. They didn't need to pay for the Advil and Aleve. Cut their medical costs by fifty percent, Costa knee pain was gone away. And it oh listen to this though. Now, this is the David Geffen school medicine at UCLA. Treatment with glucose chairman and controlling pharmaceutical grade for at least one year Leach to worry and the need for joint replacement. Did you hear that? Using glucose Sherman and conjoined for one year reduced the need for joint replacement over the following five years. So it had a lasting good impact on the health of the knee. Now, that's the David Geffen school of medicine. His annals of rheumatic diseases at university of Sydney in Australia. At six hundred five people a chronic knee pain, a two year long study. So this once again, a well powered study, plenty of people plenty of time giving glucose Amine and contrite prevented a loss of cartilage in their knee. So not only does it treat the pain stiffness and restore function of the me at prevents the knee from getting worse Advil Aleve. Motrin any of them. They don't prevent the knee from getting worse and worse. So eventually they're gonna fail you because the pain will be so bad. They're not gonna work anymore. But the glucose men and Conroy and keep on working and over the two year study, and people would arthritic knees was preventing the from getting worse. It was preventing further loss of joint cartilage..

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